Have You Seen the Red Leaves of an Osaka Autumn?

Getting to explore an Osaka autumn is a magical experience. Japan is known for its beautiful nature, and it’s not only limited to the spring cherry blossom season, the red leaves of Osaka’s autumn are a sight to see as well.

Things to do in Osaka Autumn

Finding things to do in Osaka autumn season is easy as there is so many activities on during the time. Some of the best places to see the colorful foliage in Japan is right here in Osaka, and if you’re here during the season, should be at the top of your list of things to do.

Visiting parks and temples are some of the best places to catch the red leaves. Minoo Park, on the outskirts of Osaka, has a three-kilometer-long walking trail to its main attraction, the Minoo Waterfall. Strolling through the park in autumn, you’re greeted with more colors than you’d think humanly possible, and the view at the end of the walk can take your breath away.

Minoo Station in Minoo City is only a ten-minute walk from the entrance to the park and is easily accessible from wherever you’re staying in Osaka.

You don’t have to travel far in Osaka to be surrounded by nature though. The Osaka Castle Park comes alive during autumn to display its fall foliage. The view of the leaves obstructing Osaka Castle is a famous cultural image of Japan, and the view of park and its gardens from the observation deck inside the castle can make you speechless. Osaka Castle and its park are located in central Osaka and is easily accessible by the Osaka Loop Line.

Osaka Autumn Leaves Come Out as the Weather Cools

As the days grow shorter the Osaka autumn leaves come alive as the seasons change from the humid Japanese summers to the cold dry winters. Autumn in Osaka is usually around 20 degrees celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) but can reach extreme highs of 35 degrees celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in early Autumn and extreme lows of -2.2 degrees celsius (28.04 degrees Fahrenheit) in late November.

Remember to pack for the month you’re visiting, but also check weather reports before you arrive. Usually the weather in October is still humid and warm thanks to the second rainy season and typhoons earlier in the month, so light clothes with long sleeves are your best bet. Also, you can pick up a cheap 500-yen umbrella from the convenience store in a hurry if you’re met with an unplanned rainstorm.

While the Osaka autumn leaves are in full bloom in November, the weather is usually a little more chilly. Bringing a light coat or thicker clothes is a must, and just in case, a snow jacket. It’s a beautiful time of the year that is rarely met with a tiny bit of white powder, making the scenery look magical.

The Best Time to Visit Osaka Autumn

The best time to visit Osaka autumn season is the middle of November and the start of December. This is the period after the second rainy season in October, which can bring typhoons to the region and bring back the humidity of a Japanese summer.

While the chilliness in the air can bring a spring to your step, the autumn leaves on display in November are just as breathtaking as the cherry blossoms that bloom in April. Remember to purchase water as the air gets very dry during the winter months, which can start at the tail end of autumn.


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