Visit Japan Campaign Report Vol.3 ~ KANAME INN as our HUB in KANAZAWA ~

Kanazawa is a good place to enjoy walk in the town. Although it is a place with heavy snow compare to other places like Osaka or Tokyo, the snow removing process by the local people always amazed me.

This time, we wanted to walk around the city, so we stayed at a hotel at more strategic location.

We choose KANAME INN as our hub in KANAZAWA because

[1] Most of the places that we want to visit located within walking distance from the hotel

This is most important factor when I choose the accommodation. After checking out, we walk around the main part of the Kanazawa city. First, there is the Kenrokuen, then the Kanazawa Castle.

[2] This hotel is foreigner friendly, providing information suitable for foreign tourist

The staffs at the front desk speak fluent English and are ready to provide information for foreigners.

Because of the recommendation from the hotel staff, we found this nice restaurant that suit all of our participants within walking distance with a reasonable price.

We had this nice blackthroat seaperch (Nodokuro/のど黒) at the local restaurant. It was unbelievable nice.

I personally recommend this restaurant Kushiya, because it is near to the city center, and provide a wide variety of menu, as a reasonable price.

We had sashimi, oden, and Yakisoba and so on.

能加万菜 くし家金澤

After dinner, we decided to hang out somewhere. By asking the at the front desk, we found this cool bar.

[3] It provides selection, and is wisely designed

Some rooms have the capacity up to 4 persons, and yet only cost around 16,000yen per room. 

This KANAME INN tatemachi hotel has all sort of room types that will fit your need.

However, if you prefer mixing with people. Then KANAME Hostel (a branch of the KANAME INN, which is within walking distant) could be your choice too.

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