Visit Japan Campaign Report Vol.1 ~KANAZAWA as our HUB in HOKURIKU~

This time, the main destinations for the Visit Japan Campaign winners are Shirakawa-go (白川郷) and Kanazawa (金沢).

We use Kanazawa as the hub during our trip this time.

After the meeting at Haneda Airport, we went to Tokyo Station by bus. Then, we took the Shinkansen (Bullet train) to enter Kanazawa.

These are a few reasons that you should use Kanazawa as your hub if you want to travel to the Hokuriku area (北陸地方), Shirakawa-go, Toyama, Noto Peninsula etc.

[1] The intercity transportation is relatively good.

At least 20 Shinkansen-s run from Tokyo Station to Kanazawa per day.

The Shinkansen is very comfortable.

At least 10 JAL flights fly from Haneda to Komatsu Airport per day. You can utilize the JEP if you wish to use flight.

At least 10 buses run from Kanazawa Station to Shirakawa-go

[2] Kanazawa is a well-organized city.

The bus system in Kanazawa is just convenient. You can reach most of your destination within the city by using the bus, easily. Kanazawa snows a lot sometimes. But most of the time when the residents or travelers wake up they will see the roads are ready to be used. Because the locals clean up the snow efficiently early in the morning, most of the tourist spots have good walking path even during the snowing seasons.

When we visited Kanazawa Castle, we can walk without any problems while enjoying the snow view.

[3] It is a little Kyoto. 

Kanazawa has many well-preserved culture and buildings. So, it is also called the little Kyoto. (加賀の小京都). It is a perfect destination for those who visited Kyoto and want to see something deeper into the Japanese culture.

This is Morihachi (, a Japanese confectionary shop which has a long history. We had a class here to make the Rakugan (落雁)

The Higashi-chaya street. (which is within walking distance from Morihachi)

[4] Kanazawa is a little Tsukiji Market too.

It has a famous fish market called Omicho Ichiba (近江町市場). You can find 170 stores here, mainly store which is selling fresh fishes, local vegetables, fruits, restaurants etc.

Here, we found another good sushi restaurant which we want to share with our readers.

You might want to visit this restaurant near to the JR Kanazawa Station for lunch during the weekday.

The bus heading to Komatsu Airport is just within 100m from the shop. So, you can either enjoy the Sushi here before or after using trains or Shinkansen.

We enjoy KANAZAWA as the HUB in HOKURIKU, and we believe that we will use it as our hub even in the future when we want to travel around this area. Did you visit Kanazawa before? Share us your experience too.

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