What are they eating for lunch today? Discover the lunch for OLs in Tokyo ~ Carbohydrate restriction Series~

Do you know what carbohydrate restriction is? It refers to food control by avoiding intake of refined sugar such as white bread, white rice, noodles, bakery and confectionery, etc. Normally the carbohydrate restricted diet person will consume proteins and lipids from food such as seafood, meat, bean curd, cheese, etc. They will consume unpurified grains such as brown rice, whole grain bread, etc if they wish to eat carbohydrate food. Furthermore, they will also avoid juice or cooling tea which contains sugar.

Most of them are doing carbohydrate restriction for diet purpose, but some of them are for a healthier life. Today, we will introduce the carbohydrate restricted lunch of an OL who will become sleepy after the consumption of carbohydrate. Let’s us see how she plans on her lunch everyday.

Monday: Have a salad set at office nearby

 I get to know that carbohydrate restriction is a very difficult task after I started it because we couldn’t consume any rice, bread and noodle. Therefore eating outside will be very challenging for us to have carbohydrate restriction. Of course, the best solution is to prepare a lunch box but unfortunately I’m not so strong minded to wake up for lunch box preparation or low carbohydrate food.

Today I have a salad set which costs me 1,000 yen. Since the salad set is served together with hot soup, I managed to keep my body warm besides consuming plenty vitamins from my meal. Oh yeah, I’ve given the bread in the picture to my colleague in order to avoid over consumption of carbohydrate.

It might be a surprise for you as my lunch menu is just the same for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! 

Even my colleagues were very surprise when they got to know that my lunch menu is same everyday but actually I never get bored at all. Normally for a carbohydrate restriction we will choose either meat, fish, vegetables or eggs as our main course. However since I could hardly find fish menu in convenience store, I could only arrange my lunch menu as per above picture. 

I chose “Fried Chicken” as my meat dishes. I’m so grateful that the convenience store nowadays provides varieties of fried menu for us who really need it. Even though the fried chicken’s skin might contains some carbohydrate, but the volume is still below the limit of consumption. For vegetable I chose Caesar salad. Recently there are a lot salads which come together with pasta noodles, but I definitely avoid it. After filter the pasta salad, only 3 salad left for selection and this Caesar salad is my favorite menu. On the other hand, hard-boiled egg is a good choice for carbohydrate restriction menu which is nutritious and also filling my stomach. Sometimes I will eat another hard-boiled egg as snacks if I’m starving again in evening.

The total amount of this lunch combination is only about 500 yen! Don’t you feel this set lunch is economic yet good for health? 

Friday: I will have lunch at café on Friday after settled most of my works 

This time I ordered a set of Minestrone Soup at the nearby office café which serve a lot vegetables menu. I’ve already confirmed with the café that no sugar is used for the ordered menu. I always try to avoid for the sugar of vegetables as well but I think exception is acceptable sometimes such as today’s menu. This cafe has a high ceiling and a large window which let me feel the interior is wide and relaxing. Besides, I’m really enjoying with this café’s BGM as well. I enjoy my lunch time by eating while reading relaxingly here. 

Holidays: Brunch with friends at a bistro

People who have carbohydrate restricted lunch is always enjoy vegetables, meat and cheese as their main dishes. I’m sure that you also remember that after reading this article. Lol. This bistro always serve the salad which comes together with the plenty of cut bacon and cheese. It’s really my favorite menu! 

Drinking alcoholic drinks is also one of my joys during holidays. Even though wine also contains some carbohydrate, but the quantity is very low compare to beer, cocktail and Japanese sake. I always choose wine when drinking alcoholic drinks since the taste is blend perfectly with cheese. This time I’ve chosen Chardonnay as my drinks.

How do you think about for carbohydrate restricted lunch menus of an OL as above? Share with us what you have for your lunch at the comment column. We looking forward for your post especially recommended dishes and restaurants nearby your company!


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