The international and domestic areas of Osaka's Kansai International Airport have been renovated and reopened! What are the notable shops and gourmet spots?

In preparation for the "2025 World Exposition (also known as "EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan")" to be held in Osaka in 2025, Kansai International Airport (KIX | commonly known as "Kanku") has undergone a major renovation. Following the opening of the new domestic departure area in 2022, the new international departure area also made its debut in December 2023.

In addition to the expansion plan for the security inspection area, new retail and food and beverage outlets have been added to the international and domestic areas, making the gourmet and souvenir shops more abundant than ever before. We will thoroughly explain the latest information about the gateway to the sky in the Kansai area!

※All the information appearing in this article is as of December 2023. Please check the official website etc. for the latest event information in advance.

What is the major renovation since the opening of Osaka/Kansai International Airport?

Since its opening in 1994, Kansai International Airport is about to be reborn through its first ever major renovation. In preparation for the "EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai" to be held in 2025 and further demand expansion, renovation work is being carried out in four phases targeting the first terminal building where JR, Nankai Electric Railway and limousine buses enter.

The Phase 2, which was just completed in December 2023, carried out renovation work centered on the "New International Departure Area" (*1). The departure inspection area was consolidated in the center, making the departure procedures more efficient.

Among them, the biggest highlight is the commercial area that arrives after the departure inspection. Starting with the largest walk-through (*2) duty-free shop "KIX DUTY FREE" at a Japanese international airport, areas with different designs and concepts are developed, and a total of 27 stores (9 food and beverage stores, 16 merchandise stores) have opened. The boarding gate is nearby, so you can enjoy shopping and gourmet food until just before boarding.

*1: Only available for customers of international departure flights at Terminal 1
*2: A format that allows you to pass through to the boarding gate while looking at the sales floor by removing the walls that divide the stores and products

On the other hand, in Phase 1, which was completed in October 2022, expansions and renovations such as the "New Domestic Area" were carried out.

The domestic departure gates, which were divided into two places, were consolidated into one place on the south side of the second floor, and six smart lanes were introduced to reduce the waiting time for security checks. A total of 17 food and beverage outlets and retail stores, including "Tasty Street", have opened in the expanded general area before security checks and the commercial area after checks. In addition, the shared lounge of ANA and JAL, "Lounge KANSAI", has also opened.

From here, we will introduce in detail the highlights of each of the two areas, the new international departure area and the new domestic departure area.

The new international departure area at Kansai International Airport is full of duty-free shops and restaurants!

At the new international departure area of Kansai International Airport, you will find a variety of restaurants serving Japanese food, ramen, and cafes, as well as retail stores selling luxury fashion, character goods, and souvenirs. In addition to the previously mentioned walk-through duty-free shop, we will pick up five stores from among the first stores to open at the airport and in Kansai.

Type of Business
First Store at the Airport
First Store in Kansai
Beer Cafe


Tsukiji Magoemon Kansai International Airport Store
Japanese Food, Sushi

Nippon no Shokudo
Japanese Food

Japan Tech
Watches, Home Appliances, Sunglasses

KIX DUTY FREE (General Duty-Free Shop)

This is a duty-free shop boasting an area of about 2,500㎡. It offers 341 brands, focusing on four genres: perfumes & cosmetics, alcohol, tobacco, and confectionery. You can purchase products from Japan and overseas, including cosmetics and perfumes, which are the first to be sold in duty-free shops at Japanese airports, local sake, and souvenir sweets.

With a dedicated counter for picking up products reserved on the pre-booking site and a system for ordering sweets on a dedicated terminal, you can shop smoothly.

(Left) The CHOYA Iga Ninja Brewery SECRET EDITION / 15,000 yen (Kansai International Airport Limited)
(Right) Gucci Rouge a Levres Voile 25 Goldie Red / 5,100 yen

Tokyo Banana "Miitsuketa" 8 pieces with original sticker  / 1,200 yen (Tax-free limited)

  • Business hours: 06:30~24:15
    *Subject to change depending on flight conditions
  • Official website:

KIX BEER (Beer Cafe)

Local Craft Beer / 1,500-1,800 yen

A beer cafe offering a limited craft beer named after the airport code "KIX", brewed by a brewery that has won a gold medal at a prestigious world beer competition. The interior, created by the skills of traditional architectural craftsmen, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage, is also worth seeing.

★Drinking and driving is prohibited
★Underage drinking is prohibited

  • Business hours: 06:30-24:15

MENSHO (Ramen)

Chicken White Soup Ramen with White Truffle Aroma / 1,880 yen

A restaurant where you can enjoy ramen made with homemade noodles, which are made from home-milled genmai (brown rice) using only Japanese ingredients. You can enjoy ramen that is distinct from others.

  • Business hours: 06:30~24:15

Tsukiji Magoemon Kansai International Airport Store (Japanese cuisine, sushi)

Omakase Jukkan (10 pcs) / 4,200 yen

The name of the restaurant is derived from Mori Magoemon, who established the fish market that laid the foundation for Tsukiji in Tokyo during the Edo period. The chef, who hails from a Michelin two-star restaurant, offers sushi using carefully selected ingredients.

  • Business hours: 06:30-24:15

Nippon no Shokudo (Japanese Cuisine)

A restaurant where you can enjoy Japanese cuisine such as noodles and tempura, mainly side dishes, along with Japanese water and tea carefully selected from all over Japan. You can taste delicious and body-friendly homemade dishes.

  • Business hours: 06:30~24:15

Japan Tech (Watches, Electronics, Sunglasses)

SEIKO SBDC101 / 145,000 yen, CITIZEN CC4055-65E / 280,000 yen

In addition to watches from Japan's world-renowned brands, we also have a wide range of home appliances, cooking appliances, and beauty and grooming products. You're sure to find high-quality Japanese products that excel in both safety and functionality.

  • Business hours: 06:30~24:15

A food court and gourmet specialty stores gather in the new domestic departure area of Kansai International Airport!

On the other hand, the reborn domestic departure area is also full of noteworthy topics.

In the general area before security check, seven stores including the food court "Tasty Street", curry shops, and takoyaki shops are gathered. In addition, six stores are located in the commercial area after the security check, where you can enjoy Japanese flavors before departure, such as casual tempura restaurants and okonomiyaki handled by long-established stores. If you are a gourmet lover, we will introduce five stores where you can enjoy the taste of Kansai that you definitely want to stop by.

Type of Business
Before Security Check
After Security Check
Curry House San Marco
Curry Restaurant

Takoyaki Kappo Tako Sho
Takoyaki & Akashiyaki

Japan Traveling Restaurant® by BOTEJYU®
Local Gourmet from all over Japan

Tempura Endo KIX Prime
Tempura Specialty Store

Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Osaka Gourmet

Curry House San Marco (Curry Restaurant)

Curry Cutlet / 1,100 yen

A curry specialty store that opened in Umeda, Osaka in 1983. You can enjoy European curry made with 20 kinds of spices, fruits, yogurt, etc.

  • Business hours: 07:00~22:00

Takoyaki Kappo Tako Sho (Takoyaki & Akashi-yaki)

Takoyaki Sauce Flavor (8 pieces) / 900 yen

The combination of the melting texture of the dough and the chewy octopus is irresistible at this takoyaki shop in Dotonbori, Osaka. The secret soy sauce-based broth is the key!

  • Business hours: 07:00~22:00

Japan Traveling Restaurant® by BOTEJYU® (Local Gourmet from all over Japan)

(Left) Original Nakatsu Karaage / 780 yen (excluding tax) ~
(Right) Hokkaido Local Ramen / 1,280 yen (excluding tax) ~ 

A new type of store, first opened in an airport and in Kansai. You can enjoy a luxurious taste of local cuisine and gourmet food, from ramen to katsudon, nurtured from history and tradition, as if you were traveling all over Japan.

  • Business hours: 05:30~22:25

Tempura Endo KIX Prime (Tempura Specialty Store)

Specialty Kakiage Rice Burger, Miso Soup / 800 yen

Established in 1885, this restaurant is directly produced by the famous "Tempura Yasaka Endo", which has its main store in Gion, Kyoto. The "Specialty Kakiage Rice Burger" with crispy tempura and secret sauce is an original menu of Kansai International Airport.

  • Business hours: 05:30~22:25

Botejyu®1946 (Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Osaka Gourmet)

Original Ton-dama / 1,280 yen, Takoyaki (6 pieces) / 680 yen

Established in Osaka in 1946, this is a long-standing Okonomiyaki restaurant. They offer a variety of Osaka's soul food, including Okonomiyaki, thick noodle Yakisoba, and Takoyaki.

  • Business hours: 05:30~22:25

The new domestic lounge "Lounge KANSAI", shared by ANA & JAL, is born!

With the opening of the new domestic flight area, a joint lounge of ANA (All Nippon Airways) and JAL (Japan Airlines), "Lounge KANSAI", has been newly established on the 3rd floor of the Terminal 1 building.

This is a consolidation of the lounges of ANA and JAL into a shared lounge, which can be comfortably used on the 3rd floor after passing through the security checkpoint.

The lounge is designed as an open space with full-length glass windows, where you can relax while looking at the control tower and the domestic flight parking area. In addition, seats by the window are equipped with power outlets, and there is a well-stocked self-drink corner with free WiFi and a variety of soft drinks and alcohol. You can spend your waiting time for the flight comfortably.

*The use of the lounge is limited to those who are eligible to use the ANA and JAL lounges. The usage conditions vary depending on the airline, so please check each official website for details.

  • Business hours: 05:30 to the last flight departure

Start your journey in the Kansai area from the renewed Kansai International Airport

The Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 building is planning to open a new security checkpoint and international lounge by the spring of 2025, and further expand the international commercial area by the fall of 2026. Keep an eye on the renewed Kansai International Airport, which will become an exciting airport!


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