Within Okinawa's Peace Memorial Park you'll find what is known as the "Itomanshi Mabuni" which was the final stage for a bloody battle during the second world war. The park itself has over 40ha of space within it covered in green grass and beautiful flowers, you're also able to look out towards the sea. There are 4 divided zones within the park itself, within those zones, you'll find locations such as the national Okinawa cemetery. the Battle of Okinawa Museum and more. This is a place where you can experience the value of peace.

What is Peace Memorial Park?

写真提供:公益財団法人沖縄県平和祈念財団 / Image Provided by: Okinawa Peaceful Prayer Foundation

In the south of Okinawa's main island, you'll find Itomanshi Mabuni, the final place people fled to when trying to escape the fires of war. They had nowhere left to run, and were unable to become prisoners of war, meaning many innocent lives were lost during those times. This park was made to ensure those who fought and lost their lives during that terrible war and their stories would never be forgotten. This is a location that represents the tragedies that Okinawa endured, and a place that was created to wish for everlasting peace from now on. It's also to hope for the peace of the entire world, and a place to allow people to learn about the tragedies of war to ensure they know not to make the same mistakes again. Within the park you'll find a peace zone, sacred ground zone, a public garden, and a recreational zone.

What to See

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The 2 things we really want you to see if you visit the park are the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum and Cornerstone of Peace.

On the cornerstone of peace, you'll find the names of everyone who lost their lives during the Battle of Okinawa regardless of nationality, if they were a soldier, or if they were a civilian. At the Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum, you're able to learn about and research peace through various exhibitions. At the "Information Library", you can read lots of materials relating to peace. Within the film booth, you're able to watch videos of people talking about their experience with the war and what they think about peace. If you head to the top of the building you'll find yourself in the observation deck you can see the entire pacific ocean and park with a panoramic view. The Okinawa Peace Hall has a monument dedicated to world peace which you can see, the sight is breathtaking. It has a height of 12 meters, and a width of 8 meters, it's known as the symbol of peace for all mankind.

写真提供:公益財団法人沖縄県平和祈念財団 / Image Provided by: Okinawa Peaceful Prayer Foundation

The sacred ground zone is dedicated to the final place of battle which took place during the Battle of Okinawa, It has various memorial towers dedicated to the different prefectures that help fought the battle as well as a national cemetery dedicated to those who fell in battle. Make sure to visit the hill near the Manibu where you can look out onto Okinawa's beautiful ocean. During the war, many residents of Okinawa were driven to this place and eventually had to dive from the cliff. There are over 50 memorial monuments here, with people visiting them regularly. There are many hills and such here, so we recommend using the park bus (150 JPY for a ride).

At the back of the Okinawa Peace Hall, you'll find what's known as the "Chura Butterfly Zoo" which has the largest butterflies (tree nymph butterfly) in the entire country that you're able to see and study. At the creation zone, you're able to rest, have picnics with the locals and just overall take a break. This is an area that's truly showing what "peace" means.


  • Location Name:Peace Memorial Park
  • Address:444 MabuniItoman, Okinawa
  • Access:Swap at the Itoman Ichiba Iriguchi and the Okinawa Peace Hall will be right next to you
  • TEL:098-997-2765
  • Business Hours:08:00-22:00(※May differ depending on individual institution)
  • Entrance Fee:Free(※Some areas require paid access)



  • Location Name:Okinawa Prefectural Peace Memorial Museum
  • Address:614-1 MabuniItoman, Okinawa
  • TEL:098-997-3844
  • Business Hours:09:00~17:00 ※16:30 Last Entry to the F2 Exhibition Hall is 16:30
  • Entrance Fee:Adult 300 JPY, Child 150 JPY