Jozenji-dori is a popular sightseeing spot within Morinomiyako, Sendai, which has an almost endless row of Zelkova trees. It changes between each season, each with its own unique look, and has been chosen among the top 100 Japanese roads. Also, there are various festivals and events which take place here throughout the year and can be said to be Sendai's symbol road.

Things to See & Do at Jozenji-dori

There are beautiful scenes to be seen all-year-round at Jozenji-dori, so it's a perfect spot for a walk. There are many Sendai-specific and Japanese events that take place here, so it's well worth trying to match the time you visit to one of these interesting events.

How to Get to Jozenji-dori

  • Address: Close to 2 Chome Kokubuncho
  • Access: Very close to Sendai Subway Kotodaikoen Station

Walk down the Path of Zelkova Trees

Part of Jozenji-dori (From Kotodai Park to Talk net Hall Sendai (Sendai city center) Approx. 700m) is a special median strip that you can walk down surrounded by zelkova trees, it is famous as a very photogenic spot. In spring you can see the beautiful and bright green,  in summer the shadows of the trees, in fall the bright orange and red leaves, and in winter beautiful decorations that create a tunnel of light.

Check out the Bronze Statue

Within Sendai, there are many enterprises that are aiming to develop a "Town with sculptures". Within the Jozenji-dori median strip, you will find 3 bronze statues, Emilio Greco's "Memories of Summer", Venanzo Crocetti's "Bathing Woman", and Giacomo Manzù's "Odysseus". 


Within Jozenji-dori and the surrounding entertainment district, there are many events that take place year-round.

MaySendai Aoba Festival

A large scale festival that takes place on the 3rd Saturday of May every single year. You can enjoy a wide variety of food.


Sendai Tanabata
1 of the many Tanabata festivals that take place across Japan, with over 2,000,000 tourists visiting each year. During the event, many of the stores and locations across the entertainment district will be decorated in Tanabata decorations.

Jozenji Street Jazz Festival

Festival in Sendai

Small live jazz concerts will be held in the middle of this street.
OctoberMichinoku-Yosakoi Festival
An event that has many different performances and parades which you can see.
DecemberSendai Pageant of Starlight
Electronic lights will be decorated on the zelkova trees, and it makes the entire street look like a starlit tunnel

Included in the Stops of Loople Sendai

A bus that circles many of Sendai's central sightseeing spots. It departs from Sendai Station and goes through Aoba-dori, stopping at places such as Sendai Castle and Mt. Aoba, before arriving at Jozenji-dori. There is a bus stop at the sightseeing location, so you can get on any bus and arrive at these main sightseeing locations without needing to worry about directions.

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Sightseeing Spots Close to Jozenji-dori

If you visit Jozenji-dori, make sure to check out some of these surrounding sightseeing spots.

Kotodai Park

Kotodai park can be found on the Eastern tip of Jozenji-dori, and within you can find the prefectural office, city hall, and many office buildings surrounding the park itself. During the various seasons, you're able to see plantlife such as maidenhair trees, Himalayan cedar trees, or a wide range of different flowers within the large flower bed. During events, you're able to try some of the local foods.

  • Address: 3 Chome HonchoAoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
  • Access: Close to the Namboku Line's Kotodaikoen Station

Sendai Mediatheque

This is a sightseeing spot and cultural facility for the arts and visual culture. It has a library, gallery, mini theatre, studio, and much more. It's great to look out at the greenery of Jozenji-dori through the large glass windows.

  • Address: 2-1 KasugamachiAoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
  • Access: 6-minute walk from the Namboku Line's Kotodaikoen Station

Kanahebisui Shrine

This is a shrine located along the wall of the MITSUKOSHI Sendai Store Jozenji-dori Building. It is a divided shrine of Kanahebisui Shrine found in Iwanuma. The shrine is said to bring about economic fortune. Every year during August, on the final Sunday of the year, there is a festival that carries a portable shrine.

  • Address: 4-chōme-11 IchibanchōAoba Ward, Sendai, Miyagi
  • Access: 6-minute walk from Exit 2 of the Namboku Line's Kotodaikoen Station

Tohoku's Largest Entertainment District - Kokubucho

Towards the north and south of Jozenji-dori is Tohoku's largest entertainment district Kokubucho. It has lots of different long-standing stores, as well as many restaurants and bars for visitors to enjoy.