How to Take Loople Sendai to Loops Around Major Sightseeing Spots in Sendai?

Loople Sendai is a bus service that loops around various popular sightseeing spots within Sendai. From the window of the bus, you're able to look out onto the cityscape of Sendai, get off at popular sightseeing locations to have a look around, and practically spend your time however you see fit. It's a service that allows you to enjoy sightseeing at your own pace, whatever that may be. Furthermore, if you purchase the one-day pass you're able to get on and off wherever and whenever you like, there's even an option to include subway usage! Get your fill of Sendai's many tourism spots using Loople Sendai!

About Loople Sendai

About Loople Sendai

Loople Sendai is a bus popular not only with tourists but with locals as well thanks to its stylish tram-like design. Its green retro color fits right in with the surrounding buildings in Sendai.

The Loople Sendai departs from Sendai Station's Bus Stop 16 which can be found close to the west exit. All you need to do is step out to the West Exit Pedestrian Deck, and head down the stairs to reach the bus stop, where you should see a red sign that marks the "Loople Sendai" bus stop, super easy to understand!

Loople Sendai Bus Fares

About Loople Sendai

Loople Sendai's ticket prices are as shown below. The one-day pass and one-day pass with subway included are great deals that you can make use of with your own personal style of sightseeing.

Single-rideOne-day Pass for Loople Sendai
One-day Pass for Loople Sendai and Subway
Adults(12 Years and over)
260 Yen
630 Yen
920 Yen

One-day Pass for Loople Sendai and Subway can be used on Loople Sendai, Tokyo-Metro Namboku Line, and Tokyo Metro Tōzai Line ONLY.

Loople Sendai's Bus Route and Recommended Sightseeing Spots

Loople Sendai's Bus Route and Recommended Sightseeing Spots

Loople Sendai runs for about 70 minutes per loop and stops at 15 different locations throughout the journey. Each stop is very close to nearby popular sightseeing locations, so you're able to explore wherever you want. During weekdays, Loople Sendai operates in 20-minute intervals, whilst weekends, holidays, and throughout August it operates in 15-minute intervals.

Stop No.Bus StopSurrounding Sightseeing Spot(s)
Spot Outline
Sendai StationSendai StationKnown as the entrance to Tohoku
Aoba-dori Ichibancho Subway StationArea around Aoba-dori Ichibancho Subway Station
A Shopping District that allows you to feel the new and old of Sendai
Former residence of a poet known as Doi Bansui

War Reconstruction and Memorial Hall

To ensure a tragedy such as that never happens again...
Zuihodenmae Bus Stop
Zuihoden MausoleumThe final resting place of the members of the DATE clan surrounded by cryptomeria groves
Hakubutsukan Kokusai Center Bus Stop
Sendai City Museum
A must-see museum for fans of DATE Masamune
5, 10
Hakubutsukan Kokusai Center Bus Stop
International Center Station / Miyagi Museum of Art
Sendai International Center
If it's a convention in Sendai, it takes place here
Hakubutsukan Kokusai Center Bus Stop
Area around International CenterAn area filled with nature including the Hirose River and Mt. Aoba
Site of Sendai Castle
Site of Sendai Castle(Aoba Castle Museum, Aoba Castle Information Building)
A statue of Lord DATE Masamune looks down over Sendai
5, 7
Aobayamashokubutsuennishi Bus Stop
Tohoku University Botanical Gardens
The forest behind Sendai Castle. Registered as a Natural Monument
Aobayama Subway StationArea around Aobayama Subway Station
An area within Sendai that has a collection of boastful research and teachings
Tohoku University Museum of Natural History
Tohoku University Museum of Natural History
A collection of research and teachings from Tohoku University
International Center Station / Miyagi Museum of Art
Miyagi Museum of Art
Contains exhibitions by the famous Paul Klee
Traffic Park Sankyozawa Water Power Plant
Traffic ParkAdults and children alike can study enjoyably together
Traffic Park Sankyozawa Water Power Plant
Sankyozawa Water Power Plant
A water power plant that has been used since the Meiji Era
Osaki Hachimangu Shrine
Osaki Hachimangu Shrine
A shrine built by Lord DATE Masamune that has stood for over 400 years
Sendai Mediatheque
Sendai Mediatheque
The center of information and culture for media-related things
Jozenji-dori Ave. / Sendai City Hall

Jozenji-dori Ave.

Events throughout each and every season
Jozenji-dori Ave. / Sendai City Hall
Kotodai Park
A place that is close in the hearts of Sendai's residents
Hirose-dori Subway StationArea around Hirose-dori Subway Station
The center of Sendai's commerce