Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Speaking of dreams come true, it’s got to be nowhere but Tokyo Disney Resort! Every generation has come to love Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Aside from that, Tokyo Disney Hotel, located in Tokyo Disney Resort, brings an atmosphere straight from a fantasy full of surprises. You can meet the Disney characters from the “Disney Ambassador® Hotel”. Right next to Tokyo Disney Sea is the “Tokyo Disney Sea, Hotel MiraCosta”. In front of Tokyo Disneyland is the “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” and the value type “Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel®”.

FUN! JAPAN team visited the “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” with as many as 706 guest rooms; and now, we would like to share our fantastic experiences.

The location of the hotel is ideal for your Tokyo Disneyland visit!

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

While riding through JR Keiyo line, even before reaching Maihama station, you can already see Tokyo Disneyland appearing, with the hotel complexstraight out from the Victorian Era, “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel”. The hotel is just 8 minutes’ walk away from the station, and only 1 minute away from Tokyo Disneyland; it is simply situated in the perfect location.

Mickey and Minnie welcome you to Tokyo Disney hotel

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Upon arriving at the train station, you will immediately see a topiary of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse with a welcoming gesture. An Instagram-worthy gazebo can also be found in the inner garden of the public square. Look closely and look for the hide Mickey Mouse motifs .

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Limousine bus from the airport stops at the main entrance. In front of the main entrance is the “Fantasia Court”, where a statue of Mickey dressed up as the sorcerer’s apprentice, holding a magical broom and carrying buckets of the water to welcome guests..

Majestic interior design, beautiful, and eye-popping

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Once you enter Tokyo Disney Hotel, you will see wall tiles above the grand stairs, in the motif of Alice in Wonderland. Going up further, an astounding 30-meter rooftop atrium lobby awaits the guests. Furthermore, the magnificent lighting and water fountain, as well the retro vibe elevators, all are jaw-dropping. 

Different types of designs and a variety of themes for the rooms-Welcome to the world of Disney films

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

In Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, there are guest rooms with unique themes and designs. In your reservation, you can choose the “Park View” which you can take in views of the Tokyo Disneyland. Or, if you want to be right in front of Tokyo Disneyland, the “Park Grand View” is a good choice. There are also tons of Disney characters hidden here and there. Among the guest rooms, the “Character” room’s theme lets you enjoy famous characters from the world of Disney films. When you open the door, you are at the entrance of a cinematic world for your own adventure in your unique Disney film.Visit the following link for further details of the guest rooms.

Since you can’t buy everything inside the park, continue your shopping in the hotel.Extend your Great Shopping Journey at the Hotel

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

Inside the hotel is the “Disney Mercantile”, it is the largest Disney shop among all in Disney Hotels. They also sell original products from Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. You may also find exclusive tote bag and plush toy accessory here, which can only be obtained by hotel guests!

Find a Wide Range of Items at the Nearby Convenience Store!

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The convenience store in the hotel is called “Looking Glass Gift”, it has a great variety of beverages and snacks. In addition to souvenirs, baby products such as disposable diapers and baby food can also be found here. This convenience store has all items you need. What makes it even special are the character designs embedded on the products?

Save Your Time at the Super Convenient Self-checkouts machine!

Tokyo Disneyland Hotel

The hotel used to provide the exclusive room key to all the geusts as a souvenir, but because of the specification changes in the door lock, unfortunately we can no longer take the key. Currently, there is another way of checking out by just putting your room keys in a specific box called the “Express Checkout” Your check out procedure is done in no time. It’s very much convenient.

Hotel Information

  • Hotel Name: Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.
  • Address: Chiba Prefecture, Urayasu city, Maihama 29-1
  • Number of guest rooms: 706 rooms
  • Access: 8-minute walk from JR Maihama Station / 1-minute walk from Disney Resort Line and Tokyo Disneyland Station
  • Wi-Fi: Available
  • Languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Credit card: Yes
  • Check-in/Checkout: 03:00 pm /12:00 pm