Ogijima Island is an island that is about 7.5 kilometres from the coast of Takamatsu Port. It has beautiful ocean scenery, the village is complicated like a maze and there are various things to see around the island such as artwork. 

About Ogijima Island

Ogijima Island is a small island with a 4km circumference that belongs to Takamatsu city in the Kagawa prefecture. Most of the land is mountainous and there is little flatland. Due to this, the village is mostly centred around the port and spreads out on an angle. In a stair formation, private houses stand in rows, and between them, stone stairs and stone slopes make the townscape like a maze. This scenery is very particular to Ogijima.

In addition, it is one of the locations where the Setouchi Triennale is held once every 3 years for the Seto Inland Sea islands. On the island there are various permanently displayed pieces of artwork and some new pieces are only displayed during the event period. 

Things to See & Do on Ogijima Island

Most of the sightseeing spots on Ogijima island are around the Southern area of the village. Here we will introduce the most recommended spots and the famous gourmet we would like you to try. 

Buildings / Unique Pieces of Artwork such as Ogijima’s Soul 

On Ogijima Island, you can see various pieces of permanently displayed artwork along the coast and in the village.

For example, along the coast, you can see the unique building, Ogijima’s Soul, with its white roof that was built to look like a shell, and the “Walking Ark”, a 3D piece of artwork that used Noah’s Ark as a motif. It shows the impressive contrast of its white base with the blue of the ocean and the sky. 

There are even more spots in the village where you can appreciate pieces of art. Out of all of these, the one that is colourful and attracts the eye is the wall known as “WallAlley”. Pieces of discarded wood from the island were coloured in orange, blue, green and other colourful designs and then stuck to the outside of the walls of private houses.
You can see these all around the village, so you can appreciate them while taking a stroll

Places with Excellent Views such as Toyotamahime Shrine

We would like you to come and see the spots on Ogijima island with fantastic views. For instance, the spot said to have the best view on the island is Toyotamahime Shrine. You can see a view expected of Ogijima island if you go up the path leading from the port to the shrine, you can see a private house stretching out like a fish scale and beyond that, you can see the vast ocean. 

Furthermore, in the Northern part of the island the lighthouse chosen in the “50 Japan Lighthouse Selection”, Ogijima Lighthouse, stands. It is a rare Japanese lighthouse made entirely of granite. The view of the Seto Inland Sea while the waves bounce off the lighthouse is a beautiful sight. 

Tako Meshi and Other Famous Dishes of Ogijima Island 

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Ogijima is famous for its octopus and its octopus dishes. There is a wide variety of these dishes made with fresh octopus like the “Tako Tempura” with its super soft octopus, “Tako Meshi” with the delicious flavour of octopus fried into the rice, and “Okonomiyaki” that uses the texture of the octopus to accent the dish. Please try these dishes! These dishes are provided at restaurants, guest houses and other places on the island, so please try them! 

Access to Ogijima Island 

If you want to go sightseeing at Ogijima island then take the ferry from Takamatsu Port. Going to Ogijima from Takamatsu port takes about 40 minutes via Megijima island. 
There is no public transportation on the island, but it is such a small island that it is easy to walk around. 

Furthermore, the cultural exchange centre known as “ Ogijima’s Soul“ by the port was built as a piece of art, but it also has the ferry waiting area and ticket sales area inside. 

Spot information

  • Spot name: Ogijima Island (Ogijima’s Soul)
  • Street Address: 1986 Ogimachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa prefecture. 760-0091
  • Access: Take the ferry from Takamatsu port for 20 minutes to Megijima island and another 20 minutes to Ogijima island ferry port and it’s right by the port. 
  • Wi-Fi: Available (KAGAWA Wi-Fi) (Can only be used in Ogijima’s Soul)
  • Language:English
  • Credit cards:No credit cards accepted