Top 3 Dishes We Want to Eat at Takamatsu Restaurants

If you want to eat at a restaurant in Takamatsu, we recommended the area around JR Takamatsu station and Kotohira Electric Railway Kawaramachi. This area is filled with Japanese restaurants serving the local Kagawa prefecture specialities. This time we will introduce 3 famous dishes we would like you to try at these restaurants. 


There are many restaurants that serve the famous Kagawa dish Sanuki Udon. Sanuki Udon started when a Shingon sect monk brought it home from China, and its characteristics include that its easy to eat and its has a strong body. Not only just Sanuki Udon, but there are many varieties of it such as Udon with Dashi soup stock called “Dashi Udon”, Udon with soy sauce “Shoyu Udon and egg on Udon Kamatama Udon. 

Furthermore, there are different ways to order and clean up depending on the restaurant which is a characteristic of Takamatsu Udon restaurants. There are three kinds of restaurants. There are “general restaurants” where the staff take care of the order and cleaning up. There are “self-service restaurants” where after ordering the customer carries the tray and cleans up after themselves. “Noodle Making Restaurants” where the customer prepares their own bowl, chopsticks and Dashi. We recommend the general restaurant “Kawafuku”, and the self-service restaurant “Miyatake Udon”. 

The price range varies depending on the restaurant but the average is around 500 yen, so it’s very reasonable. (Price accurate on July 2019). 

Honetsuki Dori (Chicken on the Bone)

Takamatsu city is located near Marugame city, the origin city of “Honetsuki Dori ” (Chicken on the Bone). For this reason, there are many restaurants where they can be eaten. Honetsuki Dori is a piece of chicken grilled in the oven. It is an excellent dish with special garlic spices used to bring out the flavours. Furthermore, There are two kinds of Honetsuki Dori: “Oyadori” (Adult chicken) and “Wakadori” (Young chicken). The characteristics of these different types is that Oyadori has a firm texture while Wakadori is softer. They also taste different, so it is interesting to try and compare them both. 

If you want to eat Honetsuki Dori, then out of all the restaurants we recommend “Ranmaru” and “Tosaka”. The cost is around 1000 yen for one person or 2000yen for a share size plate. (Information accurate as of July 2019)

Shoyu Mame (Soy Sauce Beans)

Shoyu Mame (soy sauce beans) is a local speciality of the Kagawa prefecture. Shoyu Mame are broad beans broiled on a hot plate with soy sauce containing sugar and chilli peppers, so a sweet, aromatic flavour is its characteristic. It is said that the reason for the spread of Shoyu Mame is down to the fact that the harvest of broad beans is bountiful and they can make delicious soy sauce. 

There are also many Shoyu Mame manufacturers around Takamatsu such as “Kurokawa Kako Shokuhin” and “Mameyoshi”. 

Shoyu  Mame can also be eaten at pubs in Takamatsu. For example, at “Sake to Ryori no Natsu” and “Fujike Furujinmachi”, they serve Shoyu Mame for around 400yen. (Information accurate on July 2019) 


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