Kaga, located in the south-west of Ishikawa Prefecture, is well-known throughout Japan as an onsen (hot-spring) resort town. Many people are also attracted by its various local specialties such as marine products. In this article, we would like to introduce a few  hotels for you to consider for your stay in Kaga Onsen.

3 Hot Springs in Kaga

Yamashiro, Yamanaka and Katayamazu are three of the towns comprising Kaga Onsen Kyo, attracting many tourists from Kanazawa and people looking for hot-spring cures. 

Each onsen town has its own history and culture. In this article, we would like to introduce a hotel in Yamashiro Onsen.

The waters of Yamashiro Onsen have been known for 1,300 years and the town is famous for being visited by the samurai and general Akechi Mitsuhide to cure his wounds in the 16th century.

The "soyu" (public bathhouses) were built in the Edo Period in the town's Yunogawa district. Today, you can enjoy the same atmosphere at Ko-soyu, a reproduction of one of the old bathhouses.

Hatori (葉渡莉)

Hatori is a hot spring inn in Yamashiro whose design is inspired by the concept of "warmth of trees, gentleness of leaves".

The guestrooms are decorated in a harmonious Japanese style. There are various room types available such as Japanese-style rooms with a private rotemburo (open-air hot spring bath) or massage chair, and single Japanese or western-style rooms.

Hatori also boasts two public baths constructed with hinoki cypress wood and stone respectively, and private baths which need a reservation.

Hatori's restaurant serves kaiseki dinner with a monthly-changing menu. The specialty menu uses local ingredients and a variety of seasonal seafood and vegetables, which will satisfy your desire for the authentic taste of Japan.

For a limited period during autumn and winter, Kaga's famous crab dish is available. If you are visiting Kaga during autumn or winter, do try this popular local cuisine.


  • Accommodation name: Hatori
  • Street address: 17 Onsen-dori, Yamashiro Onsen, Kaga City, Ishikawa
  • Access: Shuttle bus available from JR Kaga Onsen station, approx. 15 minutes journey
  • WI-FI: Available
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Credit cards: Accepted