Located at the base of the Noto Peninsula in Hakui City, Keta Taisha Shrine is a historic shrine that has long been honored by the country as the leading shrine in the Hokuriku area. The enshrined deity, Onamuchi no Mikoto, is a god of marriage, so the shrine is often mentioned in women's magazines as a shrine for marriage wishes. The name of the shrine - Keta - implies that 'feelings' (Ke) is 'abundant' (Ta) at the shrine, therefore a lot of people come all the way to Ishikawa Prefecture to pay a visit.

About Keta Taisha Shrine

Keta Taisha Shrine is located in the northern part of Hakui City on the Noto Peninsula, facing the Sea of Japan. It is believed that the deity of the shrine, Onamuchi no Mikoto, is the one who reclaimed the land of the Noto Peninsula from the sea, and he remains as the protector of the area. Five of the shrine buildings are designated as important national cultural properties. It is also well known for the "Hairazu no Mori", a forest that only the chief priest of the shrine can enter.

What is The "Hairazu no Mori"?

The "Hairazu no Mori" is a primeval forest that stretches some 33,000 square meters. Inside the forest there is an Okumiya (Rear Shrine) that is dedicated to the god Susano no Mikoto, believed to bring good luck and provide good talismans. Because the forest is in the sanctuary, general visitors are usually not allowed entry, but you can visit the auxiliary shrine within the main shrine grounds. Also, don't miss the "Oide Matsuri" festival, which happens every year from March 18th - 23rd, lasting for six days five nights. It is a 300km journey with around 50 participants lead by a sacred horse through Hakui City, Hakui District, Kashima District, and Nanao City.

Highlights of Keta Taisha Shrine

The deity that the shrine is dedicated to, Onamuchi no Mikoto, is also known as the god of marriage - Okuninushi no Okami. The shrine is famous for bringing good luck to those seeking marriage. Many people seeking love claimed to have had their wishes fulfilled, and the number of thank-you letters at the shrine is over 70,000.

There is an event on the first of every month, called the "Tsuitachi Musubi", where the priests read the wishes of the prayers aloud, and pray for their fulfillment, with the accompaniment of traditional music. Afterwards, there is an elegant dance performed by the Miko shrine maidens, and the participants receive a twig from a sacred tree. The event is held between 8:30 and 16:00, and anyone can come make a wish for free. Those who can't attend can send their wish by email, and it will be placed in the main shrine for the week after the Tsuitachi Musubi event.

Access to Keta Taisha Shrine

From Kanazawa Station, it is about 60 minutes on the IR Ishikawa Railway Line going towards "Nanao", get off at Hakui Station. Then, take the Hokutetsu Noto Bus going towards "Togi" for about 10 minutes, get off at the "Ichinomiya" bus stop and walk about 5 minutes.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Keta Taisha Shrine
  • Street Address: Ku 1, Jike-machi, Hakui-shi, Ishikawa Prefecture 〒925-0003
  • Access: Take the Hokutetsu Noto Bus to "Togi" for about 10 minutes, get off at the "Ichinomiya" bus stop and walk about 5 minutes
  • Language: Official website available in English, German, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Korean
  • Ticket: Free
  • Business Hours: Open 24 hours
  • Holidays: Open year-round