Yakushima is an outlying island in the south of Kyushu at where the highest mountain (altitude 1,936m) of Kyushu located. There are lines of mountains along the coast as the habitat for a huge number of trees including Yaku cedar, the representative plant on the island. In fact, 90% of the island is a forest. So, what’s Yaku cedar indeed? Let’s have a look.

What is Yakusugi (Yaku cedar) in Yakushima Island?

Yakushima has an altitude of 500m and is a natural habitat for its unique cedars. Not only in Yakushima Island, cedar can be found in Kyushu, and far to Tohoku regions like at the Tsugaru Peninsula in Aomori. It is said to be a Japan-exclusive species.

Yakusugi Land Filled with Great Nature

Yakusugi Land is a place for everyone, even the beginner, to observe cedar in a safe manner, in which you can see unique tree shapes like the Buddha cedar, the twins cedar, the “circular passage”, “parent-and-child”, “beard”, etc. The spot is well equipped with promenades so visitors can appreciate the beautiful Yakusugi without walking up and down slopes. There are four routes which take 30 – 150 minutes, find your optimal one to enjoy!

Yakusugi Brings World Heritage Designation

Yakushima Island is designated as a world heritage, the fact that it is evaluated as the suitable habitat for cedar, the unique plant, is one of the contributing reasons indeed. Cedar is straight and light, and thus readily great for manufacturing processes; it has been widely used in Japan since the ancient time. It is loved by people as a kind of sacred tree and for its association with beautiful tree rows. All in all, there are not many natural forests left to experience nature so let’s treasure them and preserve them well.

Spot Information

  • Name: Yakusugi Land

  • Address: Arakawa Region, Kumage-gun Yakushima-cho, , Kagoshima
  • Location: route bus from Miyanoura  Anbo  Get off at Yakusugi Land (*No bus service from 1st Dec – end of Feb)
  • Admission fee: Supporting entry fee JPY300, Bus fare JPY 1,570 (both for high school students and above)
  • Credit card: not applicable