*Updated by September 9th, 2018

And the winner of  this campaign is:


You win the SEIKO`S watch!

[1] What will you get?

You can choose from below when you join our campaign. Please choose your 1st and 2nd choice of prize for this campaign.

  1. Nintendo SUPER FAMICOM 
  2. BALMUDA The Toaster 
  3. Panasonic Hair Dryer 
  4. Tiger Electric Thermos Pot 
  5. Panasonic electrical toothbrush Pocket Doltz 
  6. Casio camera (link will be available soon)
  7. Refa (link will be available soon)
  8. Casio Watch (link will be available soon)
  9. ????? (link will be available soon)
  10. ????? (link will be available soon)

We know you like Japanese products, so we prepared this campaign. Yes, we are giving away awesome Japanese products for FREE! Choose the items you want, and join our campaign now!

[2] How to join this campaign?

  1. Register FUN! JAPAN JMB Card (How? Check down below :)
  2. Collect FUN! JAPAN Points (How? Check down below :)
  3. Apply in this campaign with 1,000 FUN! JAPAN Points (How easy!)

[3] When will the winners get the items?

  • Winner's name will be announced on this page. Please email the support center within 1 week after your name appear.
  • Item will arrive at the winner around 4 weeks after the winner contact us. 

[4] When is the campaign period?

  • 5th June~ 31st August 2018

[5] Who can join this campaign?

  • People who lives in Malaysia either as Malaysian or permanent resident.
  • People who registered for FUN! JAPAN Malaysia website member & FUN! JAPAN JMB Card member.
  • People whose age are 20 years or older

[Useful links]

  • How to register to FUN! JAPAN JMB Card >> Create or log in FUN! JAPAN website account first and then, apply for FUN! JAPAN JAL Mileage Bank (JMB) Card 
  • Want to know more about FUN! JAPAN JMB Card ?? >> [FAQ] About JMB Card https://www.fun-japan.jp/my/articles/7074
  • What is FUN! JAPAN Points?  >>  [FAQ] About FUN! JAPAN Points 
  • How to collect FUN! JAPAN Points? >> The easiest way to collect FUN! JAPAN Points is to take part in Rewards which gives you 1000 points per reward (survey). 
  • How to increase your chance of winning?  >> The more rewards (surveys) you answer, and the more entries you make, will bring your more chances to win this campaign


  • You can apply up to 99 times to this campaign.
  • FUN! JAPAN has the right to change the prize to similar models depends on availability etc.
  • FUN! JAPAN will only pay for the prize and shipment. Any other expenses including insurance and tax etc. is not covered 

This campaign is now finished.