Following the good response from our first sharing of strawberry feast in Tokyo, this time we are going to share those in Kansai area! This article is about places that offer “All-you-can-eat strawberry buffet” that are in season now. The lovely and cute strawberry sweets are sure worth posting in Instagram! 

1. Imperial Hotel Osaka “Strawberry Sweet Buffet ~ A feast with chocolate~”

Imperial Hotel Osaka is offering the great pairing of strawberries and chocolates. They use plenty of strawberries in not only their traditional shortcakes, but also tiramisu, Mont Blanc, etc. Let’s be treated to the feast of sour sweet strawberries sweets and rich chocolates. Apart from the desserts, there are a plenty of food so you can make it as late lunch. Let’s enjoy the rich varieties of strawberry sweets at the spacious and open ceiling atrium.

Imperial Hotel Osaka 1F Lobby Lounge “The Park”

Tel: 06-6881-4888(direct line)
Address: Osaka, Kita-ku, Tenmabashi 1-8-50
Time: Weekdays 15:00~16:30
Weekends, public holidays 16:00~17:30 (90 minutes)
Price: Weekdays - Adult ¥5,000 / Children(4~12 years old)¥ 2,500
Weekends, public holidays – Adult ¥5,500 / Children(4~12 years old)¥2,750
(tax included) ※ Includes coffee, tea, and soft drinks
Period: 13th Jan~3rd Jun ※Except 9th Feb (Fri) and 10th Feb (Sat) 
Homepage :

2. Hotel New Otani Osaka “Strawberry Hunt in Hotel” 

The theme for this year is “Jewelry” which ladies can’t stop loving. Jewelry boxes for strawberry sweets are prepared and what about making a collection of your own photogenic strawberry sweets using the box? Furthermore, not only you can compare and enjoy 3 brands of strawberries that are selected by the patisserie, the gourmet sandwiches that are prepared by the Japanese executive chef prestigious in French cuisine are also something highly looked forward too! 

Hotel New Otani Osaka 1F Tea & Cocktail「SATSUKI LOUNGE」

Tel: 06-6949-3276(direct line)
Address: Osaka, Chuo-ku, Shiromi 1-4-1
Time:[1st section]11:30〜13:00 [2nd section]13:30〜15:00 [Night section]18:00〜19:30(Night section from Feb)90 minutes
Price: Adult ¥5,500 / Elementary school student¥2,500 / Kid(4〜6 years old)¥1,000(tax included)
Period: 15th Jan~31 Mar

3. The Ritz-Carlton Osaka “Magic of Strawberry”  

Approximately 60 kinds of desserts using strawberries such as sweets, snacks, and drinks have been prepared based on this year’s theme “Magic”. In addition to the strawberry sweets, all the food has strawberries as ingredients. Furthermore, at the live station, one can experience the new strawberry creations such as “strawberry rice bacon mozzarella takoyaki” that is special to Osaka. Here you can fully enjoy the strawberry time at this magical place where all the menus can be enjoyed by both kids and adults.

The Ritz-Carlton Osaka 1F Splendido

Tel: 06-6343-7020(direct)
Address: Osaka, Kita-ku, Umeda 2-5-25
Time: 14:30〜18:00 (90 minutes)
Price: Adult ¥4,700/ Children(Elementary school students, 6~12 years old)¥2,350(Tax not included)
Period: 27th Dec~30th Apr

4. Hotel Hankyu International “Strawberry Sweet Buffet”  

At this popular buffet restaurant, not only the steaks are grilled in front of the customers, the chefs also prepare the French cuisines one by one on the spot. At the desserts corner, there are about 15 kinds of unique strawberry desserts such as strawberry dessert pizzas and strawberry s’more. The deliciousness that combines the sweet and sour berries and rich chocolates or matcha is perfect after a meal. 

Hotel Hankyu International 1F “Night and Day”

Tel: 06-6377-3618 (direct line)

Address: Osaka, Kita-ku, Chaya-machi 19-19
Lunch: Weekdays 11:00~14:30 Weekends, public holidays 11:00~/13:30~(120 minutes)
Dinner: Weekdays 17:30~21:00 Saturday 17:00~/19:15~(100 minutes)
              Sunday, public holidays 17:00~21:00 ※No time limit

Lunch: Weekdays - Adult¥3,500 /Children ¥2,000
Weekends, public holidays - Adult ¥4,000 /Children¥2,100
Dinner: Weekdays – Adult ¥4,500/Children ¥2,700
Weekends, public holidays - Adult ¥5,000 /Children¥2,900(Tax included)
Period: 1st Feb~31th May (Winter Fair is till 28th Feb)
Homepage :

5. Biwako Hotel “Ichigo Meguri”

The happiest time starts from the moment you are seated and served with the “Strawberry Daifuku” and “Strawberry Milk”. Here you can rediscover the charms of strawberry from the more than 30 kinds of sweets made from strawberries! Don't forget to try the special French toast that are baked on the spot. Light meals are served so it is also recommended for a late lunch. Biwako is an amazing tourist spot. How about spend a “sweet” time at this superb location facing the lake?

Biwako Hotel 2F Italian Dining Bel Lago

Tel: 077-524-7111
Address: Shiga, Otsu-shi, Hamacho 2-40
Opening hours: 15:30~17:00(90 minutes)
Price: Adult ¥3,800, Children(5 years old~elementary school students)¥2,000(Tax included)
Period: 15th Jan~6th May
※ Online reservation is available until 15:00 the day before. Please make inquiry via phone for reservation on the day.

6. Kobe Kitano Hotel “Night Desserts Buffet ~ Strawberry Garden”

In addition to the more than 20 kinds of photogenic bite-sized strawberries and berries sweets, there is a collection of pasta, baked cheese, canapé, etc. that used strawberries. There is also a live corner where you get to enjoy the sweets made on the spot. Furthermore, at the food corner, the staffs will slice and provide the Kobe Kitano Hotel special-made roast beef on the spot. The elegant Auberge-styled space is perfect for a tranquil moment.

Kobe Kitano Hotel 1F Dining igrek

Tel: 050-3177-4658 (direct line)
Address: Kobe-shi, Chuo-ku, Yamamoto-dori 3-3-20
Opening hours: 17:30~21:00(L.O.20:30) ※No time limit
Price: Adult ¥3,980 / Elementary school student¥2,000(Tax included)
※Not available to children under 6 years old
Period: 9th Jan~28th Feb (available on weekdays)

7. Hotel Granvia Kyoto “Strawberry & Chocolate Sweets Buffet”

A sweet buffet where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest with the sweet strawberries and rich chocolates. There is a rich collection of strawberries and chocolate sweets. Not only you can create your original parfait and strawberry sandwich with your favorite toppings such as strawberries and raw cream, the patisseries will bake on the spot the aromatic strawberry crepes. In addition, there is plenty of snacks such as sandwich and soup. Let’’s make and enjoy the photogenic and delicious sweets.

Hotel Granvia Kyoto 2F Café Restaurant Le Temps

Tel: 075-342-5525 (direct line)
Address: Kyoto, Shimogyo-ku, Karasuma-dori, Shiokouji-sagaru

<Afternoon Sweet>
Time: 15:30~16:45 (Closed)
Price: Adult ¥3,500 /Elementary school student¥2,200 /Children above 3 years old ¥1,500(tax included)
Period:4th Jan~28 Feb

<Night Sweet>
Time: 21:30~23:00(Closed)
Price: Adult¥3,200 / Elementary school student¥2,000 /Children above 3 years old ¥1,200(tax included)
Period: 4th Jan~24th Feb (Available on Thurs, Fri, Sat)