Day 4 : Shiretoko Goko - Okhotsk Ice Floe Museum – Tokyo

Today was the last day of our Hokkaido road trip. We woke up early to had our breakfast buffet in the hotel. I had some light vegetarian breakfast with fresh milk. After that, we departed for Shiretoko Goko.

We had reached the Shiretoko National Park and it was was designated a World Heritage Site in July of 2005, and is home to “Shiretoko Goko Lakes,” famous for its five beautiful lakes, untouched forests, and the Shiretoko mountain range.

In the site, walking paths are roughly divided into 2 types of the walking paths, an elevated wooden path and a ground pathway. Kuma-san choose the walking paths while me and others friends choose the elevated wooden path.


After few minutes of walking and finally we had reach the Shiretoko Goko fifth lake. The scenery of the Shiretoko was incredible stunning!

Kamio-san bought us a Canberry ice cream while waiting Kuma-san finish his walking path. The ice cream was so awesome! So creamy and soft.

After visited Shiretoko Goko, we head back to Shari to have our lunch. “The taste of a Japan's mother”, this is what I describe about today lunch, Sanshoku Don(三色丼literally Three-colour bowl). It fills with fresh salmon, Ikura and grilled salmon. After having this Sanshoku Don, I have no regrets if I die today. Hehe. The restaurant Utoro Gyokyo Fujinbu Shokudo is located near the Utoro Fishing Association. The restaurant has been open for over 50 years, and it is operated by wives of the fishermen.

After lunch, we were full with energy again and we had climbed the Oronkoiwa rock. It was a little bit scary and energy consuming while we climbed up to the top of the rock because it was quite high. With all the laughter and encouragement to each other, we finally reached the top and enjoying the nice view of the Utoro town.

Before we go to Abashiri, we stopped at The Oshinkoshin Waterfall. It was a very beautiful wide fan-type waterfall that was kind of split in the middle by a tree covered rock as the water made its way into the Sea of Okhotsk.

The next destination was “The Road to Heaven”. The road was super long and straight and it seems like a road to heaven.

Our last destination in Hokkaido, Okhotsk Ice Floe Museum in Abashiri. We learn how the drift ice was form and the life in the Sea of Ohotsk. This place was so cool and cold. How else do you get a chance to experience -15 degrees Celsius and touch some drift ice? Heavy warm jackets were provided before we entered the ice-cold room. We were given a wet towel to twirl in the chamber. It turned solid ice immediately!

We enjoyed our last sunset in Hokkaido on the rooftop of the museum. After that, Emi-san sent us to Memanbetsu airport, before we say goodbye to Emi-san, we had taken some photos with her. Thank you for her time and hospitality. Hopefully we can meet in Hokkaido again next time!

We had our dinner in Memanbetsu airport and some shopping. We flying back to Tokyo with JAL around 830pm. During the flight we were busy sharing our trip photos with our friends with the free Wi-Fi in the plane.

We reached Tokyo around 10pm and we meet up with Cheak-san for a short Tokyo tower tour. He brought us walking around the Tokyo tower. Although we can’t enter the tower but the light up of the tower itself was so beautiful and gorgeous by looking it at the night. We then went back to our hotel and that’s the end of our Hokkaido road trip.

Thanks again to Fun! Japan for having me in this trip. I definitely went home satisfied and fulfilled with all the experiences. I’m so fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends from all over the world during the trip and I’m glad that together we created an awesome and amazing trip. Thanks for the wonderful memories!

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