The campaign has ended successfully, and we would like to thank all participants who took on this challenge. We hereby announce the following entry as our winner. Congratulations!

About Winner

  • Winner: Darryl Kiasu Goh
  • Video: 

About Judges

    Japanese is very conscious about arranging things in a colorful manner to make the lives more colorful! You have successfully described it - keep it up, that was super!

  • Leah (influencer)
    Congrats! Interesting and unique points that other people may have missed out.

  • She loves Japan
  • Joined a Japanese company in Singapore
  • In addition to introducing the charm of Japan, she also sends out information about Japanese events in Singapore and information about Japanese stores.
  • Her followers are mainly people who likes Japan.

Collect your favorite things about Japan found in Singapore, or found during your travel in Japan, and make a video to join our campaign.

This campaign is for those whose ages are between 16 and 22. We aim to let the young generation, mostly students who have creative ideas and expressions to tell the world HOW COOL JAPAN is.

If you win the chance to visit Japan through this campaign, then you have the opportunity to communicate with students from other countries as well.

Put together a video of what you think embodies the beauty of Japan. The first prize winner will receive a free trip to Japan! The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform will hold a special award ceremony for the winner! Don’t miss this chance to show your passion for Japan!

The contest will proceed as follows

1. Upload your video to your YouTube account or any online storage websites and send the URL to FUN! JAPAN. (If you are having difficulties to upload your video to any websites, you can send it to this email address: [email protected])

2. If your video meets the submission requirements, it will be featured on the FUN! JAPAN website.

3. Users on the FUN! JAPAN website will vote on their favorite video.

4. One video will be chosen for 1st place out of the top 3 highest ranking videos by users and 3 videos specially chosen by the FUN! JAPAN committee.

5. The winner will win a free trip to Japan (2-day/3-night stay included).

6. The winner may even become the Cool Japan Ambassador of Japanese government.

Please read the submission requirements and user agreement below to join the campaign!

How to Join


  • “The Beauty of Japan in Your Eyes”

Submission Deadline

  • From November 25th, 2019 to January 15th, 2020 11:59 pm
    The deadline has been extended until February 2nd, 2020 11:59 pm


  • A trip to Japan as well as the opportunity to receive an award presented at The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform award ceremony.
  • ※ The Japanese government will only cover expenses for your plane ticket and hotel accommodations. Expenses for food, transportation within Japan, shopping, or travel insurance will be the responsibility of the person chosen as winner.
  • ※ The trip to Japan will coincide with the award ceremony set to take place between March 13th and March 20th, 2020.
  • ※ The official date of the award ceremony and other such details will be updated as they are available.

Announcing the Winner

  • We plan to announce the winner of this contest in the latter half of January 2020.
  • ※The winner will be contacted via email by Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Cabinet Office (Or the representative from FUN! JAPAN.)

Rules for Submission

  • Must be a non-Japanese citizen living in Singapore.
  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 22 as of the start of the contest on November 25th, 2019 (Mon.) at 12:00 pm.
  •  Must use footage you have taken in Japan to create a unique video for submission.
  • Or, if you have not been to Japan/do not possess video footage from a trip to Japan, you may create a video in your own country to express your vision of Japan.
  • Must insert a description of the concept of your video in the beginning of the video in your native language between 100 and 200 words in length.
  • There is no limitation on the number of videos each person can submit. However, one video counts as a single submission. More than one video cannot be submitted at one time.
  • The submitted video must be original and newly created, it cannot be a previous work.
  • The video should be around 1 minute in length. Videos between 30 and 90 seconds in length are permissible.
  • Videos may include photos in a slideshow style format.

How to Make a Submission

STEP 1: Upload your video to YouTube or any online storage website.

Upload your video to YouTube or Google Drive etc. and copy the “SHARE” link to the video.
(If you are having difficulties to upload your video to any websites, you can send it to this email address: [email protected])

STEP 2: Submit your video

Fill out the submission form with necessary information and the above URL link to your video.

※Make sure to read the Rules for Submission before submitting your entry.

※On the submission form, include your name as shown on your passport, your mail address, as well as agreeing to the user agreement listed below.

That’s all it takes!

※All video entries received before the submission deadline will be listed on the FUN! JAPAN website.

How to See Submitted Videos

You can check all the submitted videos from here!

Refer to the videos others made and create your own original video! 

*Please note that it will take some time to upload your video after you fill in the application form. 

How to be Selected

  • Users on the FUN! JAPAN website will vote on video submissions.
  • After the submission deadline has ended, the votes will be tallied, including votes from our special selection committee.
  • ※ Our selection committee will judge videos based on whether they express the beauty of Japan from a unique, youthful perspective, whether they draw elements of said beauty from a broad range or not, and other such factors as they decide necessary.
  • ※ You may post your video submission on social networking sites and encourage friends and acquaintances to vote on your submission.
  • ※ You may NOT vote for your own video submission.


  • This contest is brought to you by The Cool Japan Public-Private Partnership Platform.
  • ※ Please address any questions regarding this contest to Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Cabinet Office (Or the representative from FUN! JAPAN.) [email protected]

User Agreement

  • Those who wish to participate in this contest must agree to the following user agreement. By applying for this contest, you agree to the terms in this user agreement.
  • Video submissions must not be in violation of public policies, those including intellectual property rights, publicity rights of those involved, music, video, or voice recording copyrights, or copyrights of third parties.
  • Rights of video submissions made by those involved in the contest shall be returned, however, rights of items to be used on the FUN! JAPAN website, in promotional advertisement materials, etc. will be relinquished without previous agreement (copies, screenplays, public distribution, exhibitions, rights of distribution, translations, printouts, adaptations, etc.). Submissions of those involved will not be used without previous permission.
  • Breech of information by third parties cannot be guaranteed to those who submit their video to this contest. In the case that a third-party information breech has happened in regard to this video submission contest, the person responsible for the video submission will bear full responsibility for said information breech and those responsible for holding the event will bear no responsibility.
  • Should the subject of the video and the person submitting the video be different people, the person who is the subject of the video must agree to the terms laid out within the user agreement above.
  • Videos that go against the user agreement, or videos that are not judged to be suitable for the video submission contest will not be recognized as a proper submission and therefore have their videos erased and not recognized as a submission for the contest.
  • The details of this user agreement may be changed without previous notice.
  • Should there be complaints or claims regarding the submitted video from third parties, the party who submitted the video will be required to take full responsibility for any issues that arise, and the party hosting the contest will bear no responsibility for such claims. In the case there are claims made against the hosting party, the submitting party will be responsible for any compensation necessary.
  • Should any issues arise after a video submission, the party responsible for hosting the contest will bear zero responsibility for any such issues.

Notice for Submissions

  • Submissions shall not be used for corporate, political, or religious activities.
  • Submissions shall not be used to cause mental trauma to other parties.
  • Submissions shall not use any sort of discriminatory language.
  • Submissions deemed to go against public policy will not be accepted.
  • Any submissions using the intellectual property of third parties such as music, photos, choreography cannot be accepted without the permission of said third parties.
  • Any monetary fees pertaining to video submission will be incurred by the submitting party.
  • Any sort of communication fees or fees regarding video creation will be incurred by the submitting party.
  • Transfer, resale, or conference the contest prize is unacceptable.
  • The contest may be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances without prior notice.
  • The name used on the submission form for the video contest may be released to the public.
  • Those who have submitted a video for the contest must follow the user agreement/guidelines stated by YouTube.
  • Should a submission be removed from YouTube, by whatever means, it will become invalid. Make certain your video submission is not removed before the submission deadline.
  • The winner of the video contest will continue to serve as the Cool Japan Ambassador of Japanese government.
  • ※Other details will be decided depending on consultation with the party presenting the contest.

Privacy Policy

Information from submissions will be used in the following ways by the following parties:

[Proprietor of Personal Information]

Fun Japan Communications

[Intent of Usage]

Information from this video contest will be used for the sake of communications with all parties.

[Sharing Information with Third Parties]

Information will not be shared with third parties.

[Agreement to Sharing of Personal Information]

Information will only be shared with the permission of those involved, however, those who are unable/unwilling to share information will be unable to participate in this video contest.

[Request for Correction/Removal of Personal Information]

Those who would like to request the correction/removal of their personal information should contact the parties responsible mentioned above.