Takayama Festival is held in Takayama City, Gifu Prefecture. There is the “Takayama Spring Festival” on April 14th and 15th, and the “Takayama Autumn Festival” on October 9th and 10th. This will be an introduction to the highlights of the Takayama Festivals

Takayama Festivals by Seasons

Takayama Festival is said to originate from the late 16th to 17th centuries. The "Sanno Festival" in spring and the "Hachiman Festival" in autumn are collectively called "Takayama Festival".

Gorgeous stands, the “Karakuri Hono” that picks up doll movements, and the “return car” used to turn stalls and other traditional techniques are a must-see. Takayama Festival is considered to be one of the three major beauty festivals in Japan, and the glittering festival is a place worth going when visiting Takayama.

The Highlights of Takayama Spring Festival

There are 4 highlights to Takayama Spring Festival

  1. Go Junko (a parade)
    Hundreds of people go on the streets, centered on Mikoshi. The old-fashioned costumes are a must see.
  2. Lined Stands
    The stands designated as important tangible folk cultural property of the country are lined
  3. Karakuri Hono
    A show where dolls are manipulated in a way as if they are alive
  4. Night Festival
    A stand with 100 lanterns goes around the town slowly.

The Highlights of Takayama Autumn Festival

There are 5 highlights to Takayama Autumn Festival

  1. Go Shinko (a parade)
    Hundreds of people lined up dressed in traditional costumes.
  2. Lined Stands
    Stands are lined, and you can see them close-up
  3. Stands being going around
    These stands are a valuable event only at the Takayama Festival in autumn. Four stalls go around the town.
  4. Karakuri Hono
    A show where dolls are manipulated in a way as if they are alive
  5. The eve
    Going back to the storehouses of the stands while singing the traditional song "Takaiyama". It is a fantastic atmosphere with the swaying lanterns.

Takayama Festival's Schedule

Takayama Festival is held twice a year. Takayama Spring Festival is held on April 14th and 15th every year. Takayama Autumn Festival is held on October 9th and 10th every year. If it rains, it is canceled and not postponed.

The festival is held all day. The highlights of the festival, the line of Mikoshi, the lined stands, the Hono that moves dolls as if they are alive, Night festival have scheduled times.