Experience becoming a bird on the back of an elephant – Binshiyama Trekking at Kihoku Town

  • May 21, 2019
  • June 17, 2019

At here, the blue sky is spreading and the sun rays are falling everywhere. When you walked slowly on a huge rock called ‘the elephant’s back’, you will be waiting for the scene to gradually become visible. For a moment, the time stops when the mountains are in front of the eyes, and spectacular ocean view. I was staring at a distance with such a feeling as if I was a bird.

World Heritage and Miracle clear Stream, a town which co-exists with nature

Kihoku town, Mie Prefecture is full of natural attractions. Among them, the region which directly represents the name of the sea and mountains are Miyama area of Kihoku town. Natural tourist spots such as "Miracle clear stream Choushikawa River", which has excellent transparency up to the vicinity of river mouth, and "Magose-toge pass", which represents the world heritage site Kumano Kodo Ancient Iseji, are crowded with people.

Above picture is the water surface of Choushikawa River. It is also called Blue Choushikawa as you can glimpse the bottom of the river with your naked eyes.

‘Magose-toge pass’ is famous for its stone paving in Komano Kodo Iseji, and there is a mysterious space where the ancestors’ history is engraved.

Aim for the Elephant’s back! Binshiyama trekking

Do you know that there is a spot where you can see Choushikawa River, Magose-toge pass or even the sea at Kihoku town, Owase city?

The spot is at Binshiyama with a huge rock called ‘the elephant’s back’.

There are 2 courses; [Magose-toge pass climbing course] which is an ideal mountain for trekking at an altitude of 599m and [climbing course from forest path near Miyama camping inn] which the campsites are at the shores of Choushikawa River.

The location of ‘the elephant’s back’ at Binshiyama. Taken from the Tanemaki Gonbei village

This time, it is an experience report on [Climbing course from forest path near Miyama camping inn]. It takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes to the top, and we climb the steep slope while checking the foot step by step. You have to be careful as the ground is slippery.

 There is a possibility that a bear may appear on this mountain. There is a bell on the rucksack of those who climbs together to guard-off bear, and the tinkle sound will echo through the mountain. Unexpectedly, the sound also plays a role to let the team know the pace of walking and it was very fresh.

The mountains are covered with trees and plants, and you will get the impression of a space close to the “Magose-toge pass”, such as the large granite that is unique to this area.

Finally arrived. The sight we have been waiting for is just right there

It took about 1 hour 40minutes to walk. Finally, we arrive at our destination, ‘the elephant’s back’ with a warm sunshine. ‘The elephant’s back’ really looks like the back of an elephant. It makes me think of a huge elephant in the comic world.

Slowly, we walk to the front…

3, 2, 1!!!

This is the view. The view blows away your fatigue and makes you feel radiant while bathing in nature. The mountain which can be seen in front of you is the ‘Magose-toge pass’. You can see ‘Choushikawa’ at the lower left and the town of Owase city at the lower right. The blue canvas of the sky and the sea is also good.

※.This day was covered with a thin cloud. I would like to try again.

I would like to become a bird on an elephant’s back.

How about you also experience it?

[Notes to those who would like to challenge Binshiyama]

Walk along the trail carefully step by step as there are cave-in depressions.

You need to be careful with the viper, bees and wildlife.

We recommend hiking between late autumn and winter when the air is clear.

※. It seems that it is not recommended to climb especially during summer because there is bug or bee.

Reference: Binshiyama camp inn


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