Ride The Train Simulator at the Saitama Railway Museum in Japan

Japan is an Asian country with the most railway museums in Asia. In 2007, the Saitama Railway Museum was opened to replace an older railway museum in Akihabara. It was designed with a concept of Trains, Education and History. Lovingly called the Teppaku by locals, this museum is a favourite for train fans and kids. A new wing was also recently added to the museum in July 2018!

Saitama Railway Museum

In general, the museum is split into five sections: Science, History, Rolling Stock (Train), Job, and Future. Around 13 full-size trains are on display, plus a few diesel railcars, carriages and Freight vehicles which were used to transport goods in the past. In total there are around 36 trains.

In the job section, you’ll find out how people worked together to run a railway station and how the railway transportation system works.

At the museum, you can also try the train simulator such as the D51 simulator (500 yen), and many other types of train simulators as a train conductor. Reservation is needed.

If you like 3D, there is also the Teppaku Theater where you can watch railway cars in 3D, available for those who register.

Events and Exhibition

They’re currently holding an exhibition for ‘The Secrets Behind The Transportation of Cargo” until February 2019. The books you’re reading, the onigiri you ate while running to work might be moved by these trains! Find out about how many items are moved and what sorts of trains were involved.

In general, exhibitions are only available in Japanese.

Eateries & Rest

There are a few places to take a break and have a bite in the Saitama Train Museum, such as the Nippon Shokudo which has an interior which is inspired by trains and View Restaurant where you can have a meal while looking at the trains leaving the station. Besides these restaurants, you can also rest in the shinkansen Lounge or the Lunch Train.

Kid’s Play Area

There are many areas for children to play! You can book mini trains and mini shinkansen which are available for children below the age of 6. The tracks even extend past the library! At the library, children can watch animation about trains, read picture books for children (some of them are even in English!) and play with blocks.

Museum Operating Hours and Entry Price

The museum is closed on Tuesdays, unless if it is a public holiday. If there is a public holiday, the museum will be closed on the subsequent day. It opens at 10.00 am daily and closes at 6.00 pm. The museum stops visitor entry after 5.30pm.

Entry to the museum is 1,300 yen for adults. For students (primary, secondary and high schoolers) it is 600 yen. There is a special discount for groups.

An audio guide is available for visitors, and free Wi-fi is available in certain areas.


  • Spot name: The Railway Museum
  • Street address: 3 Chome-47 Ōnarichō, Ōmiya-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 330-0852.
  • Access: Take the train to the Tetsudō-Hakubutsukan Station, the museum is only a minute away on foot.


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