5 Great Souvenirs You Can Get in Hiroshima

So, you’re in Hiroshima and are not sure about what to get as souvenirs for your loved ones back home? Fret not, here’s a list of some souvenirs unique to the prefecture! From yummy foods to traditional handicrafts, you’ll find something great! 

Which Souvenirs should You Get in Hiroshima?

Momiji Manju

Momiji Manju

Not only is this one of the prefecture’s more popular souvenirs, but it’s also perfect for those who love confectioneries with tasty fillings. Traditionally, this small, maple-leaf-shaped cake is filled with red bean paste, but other choices of fillings are also available such as chocolate cream, cheese cream, custard cream, and match-flavoured cream!

Look out for Fujiiya’s momiji manju. Where to buy: Department stores, Hiroshima Station and Hiroshima Airport.

 Nama Momiji

A new specialty confectionery, nama momiji may be similar to momiji manju but it’s non-baked. As it’s made from glutinous rice flour and regular rice flour, it has a chewy texture. There are three types of fillings to choose from such as red bean, matcha, and yuzu.

You can find it at Nishikido Main Store. Where to buy: Department stores, Hiroshima Station and Hiroshima Airport.

Kumano Brushes

Kumano Brushes
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If you have family members or friends that enjoy wearing makeup, then something they might appreciate receiving are Kumano brushes. Made individually by a craftsman from an excellent mix of animal hair, these high-quality brushes are sought-after throughout the world.

Where to buy: ASSE (Hiroshima Station), Hiroshima Airport, Hiroshima Bus Centre ‘AQUA’

Miyajima Zaiku

If you’re interested in getting traditional handicrafts, then consider Miyajima Zaiku. You’ll be spoilt for choice as there are engraved trays, clay bells, wooden spatulas, chopsticks, even miniature shrine archways and loads more! The most well-known item is the rice scoops, which are used as a good-luck charm or decoration.

Where to buy: Miyajima Traditional Crafts Centre

Spot information

  • Spot name: Miyajima Traditional Crafts Centre
  • Address: Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi-shi 739-0588, Hiroshima
  • Access: About 4 minutes’ walk from Miyajima Pier (JR)



Looking to get something for the kids? Then look into kendama! This traditional Japanese toy consists of three cups, a spike and a ball connected by a string. Adults will also be amused by how much fun it is to play with!

Where to buy: Kendama Shop yume.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Kendama Shop yume.
  • Address: 2-3-10 Hatsukaichi-shi, 738-0013, Hiroshima
  • Access: About 2 minutes’ walk from Hatsukaichi Station

Otagawa Glass

If you have no worries about bringing back glassware, then get a few pretty pieces from the Otagawa glass line. Made from the sand of the Otagawa river that’s rich in iron, the glassware is a soft yellow-green in colour. It will make a lovely decorative piece.

Where to buy: Garasu no Sato (Glass Village)

Spot information

  • Spot name: Garasu no Sato
  • Address: 2-12-55 Obayashi, Asakita-ku, 731-0201 Hiroshima-shi
  • Access: About 1hr bus ride from JR Hiroshima Station or Hiroshima Bus Center


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