Japan is one of the top countries in the world in terms of longevity with an average lifespan of 81.09 for men, and 87.26 for women. Japanese women seem to have a youthful appearance forever. What are the factors behind this?

Based on the information collected from women’s magazines which are sold in Japan and information from across the internet, we were able to summarize them into seven rules. In this article we are going to introduce the eating habits of Japanese women.

1. Incorporate fermented foods naturally in their life

Fermented food is indispensable food for Japanese. Miso, soy sauce, pickles, natto, sake, etc... For those who cook their own meals, they will eat all these fermented food in every meal. However the consumption is not only limited to eating. SK-Ⅱ which also known as a high-end cosmetic brand contains 90% nutrient of one of the Japanese sake making yeast! So, Japanese are actually absorb the fermented liquid through skin as well!

Since fermented food has the ability to improve the condition of the intestines, it will greatly affect the beauty of the skin. The beauty of the skin is the main determinants of the impression of beauty. This seems to be one of the reasonable habits which leads to longevity.

2. Do not consume too much sugar

The Japanese do not have the habit of eating dessert after each meal. Instead, they will usually only take a sweet dessert together with coffee in the afternoon. Therefore, this might be one of the factors which lead to longevity.

Glycosylation is one of the causes of aging. Extra carbohydrates ingested from meals or sweets will combine with proteins in the body and deteriorate the body’s cells. As this progresses, wrinkles, dullness, and skin spots will appear on the skin.

3. Eating habits that concern on calories consumption

Even if Japanese people are not on a diet, they will check the calories when selecting lunch boxes, sweet buns, and desserts. There are also many people who are surprised when they see the calorie of an item; as a result, they will choose not to consume that item and select another item. Recently, calorie free drinks and sugar free alcoholic beverages have also been released on the market. ‘Highball’, a whisky soda, is an example of a relatively low-calorie option that has been popular recently.

4. Japanese care about the order of eating

Additionally, one hot topic of discussion in television and magazines for the past few years is the idea that one can prevent lifestyle diseases and improve lifestyle quality simply just by changing the order of eating. Even models and talented people have practiced this method recently. For those of you who think: “I want to eat delicious food, but I do not want to get fat”, it’s a good idea for you to keep in mind the eating order in your daily life.

The four basic rules of ‘eating order’ are:

  • Firstly, eat the vegetables.
  • Next, eat the side dishes of protein.
  • Finally eat rice.
  • Chew well and eat slowly.

5. Go on diet just by drinking water before meals?

If you drink a cup of water before a meal your appetite will be suppressed. It is expected that it will give the feeling of fullness to your stomach. It is ideal to ingest water about 30 minutes before a meal. However, when we ingest a lot of water before or during our meals, it will be harder for our body to get slim due to the dilution of gastric acid and digestive enzymes.

6. Eat with only 80% fullness

There is a phrase of “you can avoid going to the see doctor if you always eat with 80% fullness”. Therefore, it is healthy if you do not eat until you feel 100% full. instead just keep your stomach’s fullness at 80%. If you eat until you have a full stomach every time it will cause a burden on the digestive system. Also, you can expect optimum skin beauty and hair beauty with 80% stomach fullness. With stomach fullness at 80% excessive active oxygen can be suppressed and the rate of aging can be slowed down.

It is advisable for one to chew well in order to prevent eating until one has a full stomach. Since the satiety center of the brain is stimulated, you can feel a feeling of fullness even you just consume a small amount of food. Consumption of vegetables and mushrooms are recommended for this method since they are chewy enough.

7. Do not use cars as main commuting vehicle

In Japan there are many train commuters. Therefore, naturally the time taken to walk is increased, and that becomes one of their exercises. According to the research team at Harvard University, age expectancy is 7 years longer when walking 2.5 hours in a week, while only 2 years longer when walking 75 minutes in a week.

To live beautifully and healthy, the balance of the meal is the basis. It is important to consume the principal food, the main dishes and side dishes with good balance in each meal.