Best Places to Stay in Takao, Kyoto to Enjoy Nature

Kyoto, a place of traditional Japanese culture which reminds us of the beauty of nature. Reaching Takao is simple as there is a JR bus from the Kyoto train station. Why not escape the city and view the peaceful travel spots in Takao? You can even book a top class hotel there and sleep in a refreshing environment.

Stay in Takao, Kyoto

Takao Kanko Hotel

Experience the authentic Japanese Ryokan stay at Takao Kanko hotel. Located in the quiet Takao mountains, the hotel is in front of a flowing river which you can see from your hotel room.

The hotel is also a short walk away from Jingo-ji, which makes it easy for elderly travellers to visit and pray for their health. You can take beautiful photographs in Jingo-ji since there are less crowds to compete for the best spot to take photos.

Hotel information

  • Hotel name: Takao Kanko Hotel
  • Street address: 5 Takaocho, Umegahata, Ukyō-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 616-8292
  • Access: From Kyoto Station, it takes around 50 minutes to reach Takao via the bus.
    The hotel staff picks up guests from the bus station, so remember to inform the hotel which bus you will be taking.

Momiji-ya of Takao Kyoto

If you’re seeking somewhere with excellent service, stay at the higher end of a Japanese Ryokan, the Momijiya of Takao Kyoto. There are actually two Momijiya buildings in Kyoto, one next to mountains (the main building, honkan [本館]), and one next to a river.

The hotel attendants are very attentive to the needs of the guests, and the scenery around the ryokan is peaceful.

The features of the hotel and environment allow you to fully relax. You can sit in the semi-open bath or private bath, or rest in spacious tatami rooms with a wonderful view of the trees and mountain outside.

Their kaiseki meal is amazing, a feast for both the eyes and your taste buds. There are also performances by maiko, those who are training to become geisha, upon paid request.

Hotel information

  • Hotel name: Momiji-ya of Takao Kyoto (Honkan)
  • Street address: Umegahata, Ukyo-Ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 616-8289
  • Access: Make use of the free shuttle bus from the JR Hanazono train station to the hotel. It is around 20 minutes away with the use of bus shuttle services.
    You’ll have to contact the hotel early to confirm which bus you are riding.