Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, a Movie Theme Park That Let You Slip to the Past

In a place once known as the “Hollywood of Japan”, Toei Eigamura is a theme park and also an actual film set resides in the Uzumasa area of Kyoto. Toei Eigamura is still active to this day as a place for film shooting, featuring a world where the samurai, shinobi, geisha and the likes dwell in. The set are open for visitors to roam in, and they can also join in the environment by dressing up as a people of the era, and join in various activities with the environment setting of the Edo or Meiji period.

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura Movie Museum

If Disneyland is a theme park of the magical world of the Disney, then Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, also known as Kyoto Studio Park is a theme park of the historical world of the samurai era. “Eigamura (映画村)” can be direct translated to “Movie Village”. It is an actual movie set, where actual movie shooting are occasionally being conducted at various parts of the park. The park recaptures the scenery and setting of the Edo and Meiji period.

The Uzumasa area of Kyoto, used to be dubbed as the “Hollywood of Japan” due to a lot of film studios that used to be there once upon a time, but as time flies, the number of these studios dropped. Toei Company, one of the main giants in the filming industries decided to turn the movie set into a theme park, with the idea to preserve the tradition of the Japanese filming industries.

As a theme park and a movie set, it is also not wrong for you to also consider that Toei Eigamura as a movie museum, where they have a number of movie-related museums that highlights the history of Kyoto’s movie industries, techniques and tricks in movie shooting, sword fighting stunts, and many more.

Incase if you are wondering, Toei is famous for making period drama (or Edo or Meiji period), Tokusatsu series (Kamen Rider and the likes), and other films and animations.

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura Movie Set

Owned by Toei Kyoto Studios, the largest film studio in Japan, this is the only theme park where you can roam freely around the movie sets. Walking around these film sets, with the park’s staff and attendants wearing historical costumes and attires, it easily adds-in the historical atmosphere of the place.

If you feel out of place and wanted to blend in with the atmosphere of the movie set, there are various attires that you can dress up in, and get your photo taken as a samurai, ninja, or geisha. You can also rent out some period style costumes to wear around the park. Imagine yourself being a part of the film set, it is definitely fun experience, especially when you came in a group of friends or family.

If you are lucky, you might come across an actual film shooting, and you can see all the actors and stuntmen in action. The movie set is used a lot across the year for filming historical movies and TV drama. Who know you might meet up with Oguri Shun during one of his movie shootings?

Speaking of Oguri Shun, dear Gintama fans out there, right now, there’s an attraction that highlights the real set of the 2nd live-action movie of Gintama!!!

Toei Eigamura for Everyone

If historical-related movies are not your thing, well worry not, since Toei Eigamura is a qualified theme park with settings of historical era, they also have play zones for you to spend your time in and have fun. From haunted house, 3D ninja fort, Toei’s Anime gallery, and many other games and sections that is interesting and can be enjoyed by visitors of any age.

Are you perhaps a fan of Kamen Rider or Super Sentai series? Look no further, this park is owned by Toei, the one responsible for bring the series to you, and definitely they have the sections and event specifically for you Tokusatsu series lovers.

If you ended up hungry and tired, just drop by to the many restaurants and shops that are available there without the needs to go out of the park area. These definitely make visitors feel like they are trapped and live in past.

Opening Hours: 9AM-5PM (closing time is later on different month)

Spot information

  • Spot name: Toei Uzumasa Eigamura (東映太秦映画村or Toei Kyoto Studio Park)
  • Address: 10 Uzumasa-Higashihachigaokacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto
  • Access:
    • 2 minutes on foot from bus stop Uzumasakaicho or from Satueijyomae station on Randen
    • 5 minutes on foot from Uzumasa station on JR line or Uzumasa Koryuji on Randen.