The Journey started: the Setouchi Area Pass, Kintai Bridge, and Okonomiyaki

This time, FUN! JAPAN planned a trip to discover the beauty of Setouchi. Most of the travelers to Japan visited Tokyo, Kyoto, or Hokkaido before, but never had chances to reach nice places in this Setouchi area. Let’s discover the hidden magnificent and lovely landscape in this area!

Setouchi Area Pass, your Dokodemo Door at This Area

As we are going to travel from Hakata Station to KIX (Kansai International Airport), we decided to use this Setouchi Area Pass from JR to save our transportation fee and maximize our convenient during the trip. This is the pass that allows you (only for tourists from overseas) to ride Shinkansen, normal train, ferry and even buses operated by JR during 5 consecutive days, with only 18,000yen. Yes, it is an unlimited-ride pass.

In order to have a more comfortable trip to the first destination, we put our suitcases at our hotel at Hiroshima, and travel back to the direction of Hakata. The trip from Hakata Station (near to the Fukuoka Airport) to Hiroshima Station (near to our hotel) took only around 1 hour, even it is more than 250km!

By holding the unlimited-ride pass, we can ride the Shinkansen without the process of buying tickets at the counter each time before the ride. We just showed it to the staff near the gate, then walked to the platform. That’s it!

And also, we had enough rest in the comfortable Shikansen before reaching each destination.

Kintai Bridge, your bridge for time slip