The selling point of fruits produced in Japan is the high quality of the products. The price is high, but the quality is worth it. It is a “luxurious” life rooted in Japanese culture where high-quality fruit is given as a gift from long ago. In Japanese cuisine, fruits are treated as ‘sweets’ or desserts. Recently, there are also foreigners who order Japanese fruits after returning to their country. This time, we will take a look at pears, as an example to approach the charm of Japanese fruits, which are treated as a dessert due to their fragrance!

Difference Between Pears from Japan, Southeast Asia, and China

Japanese pears are round in shape, while western pears are more of a gourd shape with a slender top and larger bottom. Furthermore, Japanese pears taste different; they are sweet, sour, and have a crispy texture. Western pears are abundantly sweet and have a more soggy texture. Chinese pears look like western pears at first sight, but the texture is crispy like Japanese pears. They're also juicy and very fragrant and rich in flavor.

How to distinguish delicious pears, ways to eat them, and how to preserve!

Delicious pears have stretched skin and a solid shaft. They are plump and rounded and have good weight. Peel the skin as thin as possible as the sweetness is near the skin. Cut the core part slightly bigger. Try to eat it as soon as possible when it’s still freshly cut. In order to prevent moisture from evaporating, you can wrap it with newspaper and place it in a plastic bag and store it for about a week in a refrigerator vegetable compartment, but eat as soon as possible!

Enjoy plenty of pear taste Cooking!

Pear Parfait

Ingredient (for 2 pax portion)

  • Pear: 1 piece
  • Vanilla ice: 1 pack
  • Cornflakes: appropriate amount
  • Mint leaf: appropriate amount


  1. First, divide the pear into 4 vertical pieces, then peel off the skin and remove the core. For another half portion, cut into the easily eaten size, and grate the remaining.
  2. Put cornflakes, vanilla ice, and the sliced pear pieces into a bowl, topping it with the grated pear, then serve with some mint leaf. 

Ham Pear Wrap

Ingredient(for 2 pax portion)

  • Pear: 1/2 ~ 1 piece
  • Raw ham: 8 slices
  • Italian parsley: Appropriate amount


  1. Cut the pear, remove the core and peel off the skin.
  2. Wrap the pear with raw ham and serve on a plate, and then decorate it with Italian parsley.

It is delicious if you wrap it together with some blue cheese.

Plantations where pear picking is possible and their season

Area: Suburb of Tokyo

Area: Suburb of Kansai

  • Period: August - Mid October
  • Farm: Grape and Pear Picking Farm
  • Address: 1054-24, Kawaguchi, Aridagawa-cho, Arita-gun, Wakayama Prefecture
  • English inquiry form is available

Area: Suburb of Fukuoka

Those who cannot come to Japan, please buy from here!