Beppu’s “Spamusement Park” has finally opened! How lively was it? We report from on-site!


The announcement of the plan of the Beppu’s “Spamusement Park” was a sudden one.

The plan was like this: if the Youtube clip hit more than 1-millions view, then the old park at Beppu would be renovated into a “Hot Springs Theme Park” where people can visit and enjoy.

“This is impossible, isn’t it?”

“How are you going to prepare the hot springs?”

There were a lot of questions being raised, yet the important Youtube clip was able to hit the 1 million times of view in a mere 3 days.

Despite the concern from surroundings, the city mayor’s plan which sounded like a joke was to be put into action.

Beppu’s city mayor, Nagano-san, came out with the plan of “Spamusement Park”.

The funds for building the park would be done via cloud funding by CAMPFIRE.

Upon hearing the news, on behalf of hot springs lovers, “What are you thinking? Are you crazy?”, asked Yoppie-san, “the universe No. 1 man who loves Beppu”, to the mayor…

“And, the universe No. 1 man who loves Beppu, how much can you support us?” in response to the strong request of donation from the mayor, I had no choice but to donate in total 160,000 yen, which is equivalent to 20 tickets.

Entrance to the Spamusement park…

We are open~~~~~~

As it is quite difficult to open daily due to financial and operational issues, the park is mainly limited for those who support via cloud funding.

Of course, as I had donated equivalent to 20 tickets, I wanted to enjoy 20 times more than other people!

On-site report from the spamusement park!




 “What is this?!”

Wow, lots of foam too! Hmm, then I realized this…

“Well, it is quite confusing to say this is hot springs. There is not a single feeling of hot springs!”



The event was very crowded on that day!


One even needed to wait for 180 minutes for the hot spring bubble jet coaster ride!

The hot spring pools was also a big success!

While I was having the different attraction rides, I tried to ask the staff of “Rakutenchi” who operates the “Spamusement park”. It seemed like the crowd was about 10 times more compared to visitors on weekends, “This is the very first time…” It was such as big success!

How amazing, who would think an idea from the mayor has brought out something like this!


By the way, the recommended dress code for the day was swimsuit and a piece of towel.

It seems like people were enjoying being thought of wearing just a bath towel at one glance!!

The number of volunteer staffs was really overwhelming!

On the first day, it seemed that about 500 volunteers had been arranged to welcome the expected 4000 guests!

Other than that, actress “Non-san” was in charge of the park announcer and TOWA TEI san the BGM, and the event was a big hit!

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