Travel diary to Hokkaido - Day4- Part2


We had our lunch at Toyako Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside terrace. We enjoyed our lunch with Toyako Lake view. So relaxing!! 


All foods were delicious, I managed to finish all. 


We had a walk at lakeside, but the winds was too freezing, so we didn't stay too long there.


Lake Toya

 And we saw this fruits trees, and Renata was too curious how the tiny thing taste, so we going to try it. Crazy right?!!  It taste bitter!!! OMG 


After lunch we took usuzan ropeway to reach Mt. Usu. We hiked to top of the hill to see more beautiful views from up there. 


The beautiful view from up there. I love Hokkaido ‘s natural views. It’s amazing!!



The active volcano is just a side, we still can saw the white smokes coming out. 


Our last spot was Sairo Observatory. We can saw both lakes from here. The freezing winds didn't stop me and Renata tooking breathtaking pictures. 


After the tour, we went back to Sapporo station by bus. It's time to say goodbye to Naomi-san. She is going back to Okinawa today. It's hard time for me and Renata as well. Because we were be her all  these good days. Really appreciated what had she arranged and done for us. We love you and going to miss you badly! Naomi-san. 

I will keep all the sweet memories we had been together and in my mind forever. Before we send her off to Jr train, we hugged each other again and again. 

I bought famous Hokkaido cheese tarts  as my dinner. I only had one, another one I gave to Renata. Both of us no mood shopping for today so we went to bed earlier. 

Tomorrow will be another good day in Hokkaido. Good night all^^

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