Fun! Japan Theater - Onsenken Oita「GO! SHINFURO!!」




- Synopsys -

This is a naive yet emotional story which comes with element of passion. 
A story between Mayu and Arisa, the members of "SINGURO Club" in one of Oita Prefecture high school.
Alisa wishes to join Oita local "SINGURO team" after graduating from high school. However, Mayu has decided to further her studies in Tokyo.
This is a "U-turn Encourage Movie", especially made to emphasize the message of  "Oita prefecture is always waiting for you to come back", for the teenagers who might leave Oita and those youngsters who left Oita to pursue their dreams. 
It is a must to watch for the world's first "SINGURO Jection Mapping" which will be appeared at the climax of the movie.

Director / Kentaro Shinohara
Lokasi shooting /  Oita


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