"Announcement of the '2024 Sanrio Character Awards'! Cinnamoroll takes 1st place, but who are in 2nd and 3rd?【Event Report】"

2024 Sanrio Character Awards


On June 16, 2024, the "2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix" results announcement event "SANRIO FES 2024" was held.

This event consisted of three stages: the "Everyone Celebrate! Anniversary Stage" to celebrate the characters who have reached their anniversary year, the "Sanrio Character Grand Prix Results Announcement Stage", and the "Sanrio Cute Sports Festival" by the Sanrio characters. The unique Sanrio characters captivated about 8,000 fans at the venue and about 1.4 million fans who watched online with their cuteness.

In addition to the stages, the event also featured the first appearance of a movie studio exclusively for this event, a show featuring characters on floats, sales of SANRIO FES 2024 limited goods and character food & drinks, making it a special event where you can enjoy a full day of Sanrio.

"2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix" Results Announcement Stage

2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix Pochacco Cinnamoroll Kuromi

In the initial report announced on April 16th (Tue), Cinnamoroll, who is in the midst of a four-time winning streak, started off in 2nd place, while Pochacco took the lead, marking a turbulent start to the "2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix".

At the interim announcement on May 9th (Thu), the 1st and 2nd places were reversed, and the rankings were unpredictable until the end. On stage, the results were announced in order from 90th place. When the characters who remained in the top 10 appeared, a big cheer went up, and the venue became even more heated.

As fans watched with bated breath, various voices such as "Wow!" and "I can't believe it!" were raised when each ranking was announced. Comments such as "Congratulations!" and "Good job everyone!" were also received from viewers of each online broadcast.

2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix Kuromi
2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix Pochacco Cinnamoroll

In third place was Kuromi, and in second place, celebrating his 35th anniversary, Pochacco was named. Pochacco expressed his gratitude, saying, "Thank you so much for the wonderful gift on my leap year birthday, which comes once every four years! I won't forget it!"

2024 Sanrio Character Award Cinnamoroll

And, achieving his first ever five consecutive victories, Cinnamoroll ranked first and said, "Thank you so much for all your support! I felt like you were always by my side, which was very encouraging. Please continue to be good friends with me." He sent this message to the fans who have been with him through the Sanrio Character Grand Prix.

Let's celebrate together! Anniversary Stage

2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix Hello Kitty Pochacco

At the "Celebration for Everyone! Anniversary Stage", we celebrate together the 7 characters who are celebrating their anniversary this year, starting with Hello Kitty, who is celebrating her 50th anniversary.

2024 Sanrio Character Awards Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty performing a dance for the quiz question
2024 Sanrio Character Awards
Miruku and Pekkle the duck taking on the quiz

The quiz about Hello Kitty (50th anniversary), Patty & Jimmy (50th anniversary), Tuxedo Sam (45th anniversary), Minna no Taabo (40th anniversary), Pochacco (35th anniversary), Sugarbunnies (20th anniversary), and Charmy Kitty (20th anniversary) has started, and the venue is buzzing with excitement over the maniacal questions! In addition, the announcement of the "Hello Kitty Exhibition - When I Change, Kitty Changes" in commemoration of Hello Kitty's 50th anniversary has raised expectations for further excitement in the anniversary year.

2024 Sanrio Character Awards

At the end of the stage, the entire audience wore Hello Kitty headbands and practiced the birthday celebration dance with the characters. When Pochacco with Kitty's ribbon, Pompompurin, and Badtz-Maru started dancing in the audience, a big cheer went up. The feelings of congratulations were shared, and the venue was wrapped in a celebratory mood.

Sanrio Cute Sports Festival

2024 Sanrio Character Awards My Melody Little Twin Stars
Athlete's oath by My Melody, the red team leader, and Little Twin Stars, the white team leader

At the "Sanrio Cute Sports Festival", participants are divided into red and white teams, and compete in four events: tug-of-war, ball toss, sumo wrestling, and big ball relay. After the team leaders' oath and thorough warm-up exercises, the hot and cute battle of Sanrio characters begins!Fans chosen by a pre-event lottery cooperate and strive together, and many cheers of "Keep going!" were sent from the audience.

2024 Sanrio Character Award Cinnamoroll Pompompurin
After the sumo wrestling, Milk, Cappuccino, Pompompurin, and Mocha expanded their circle of friends.

In the butt-sumo, Pompompurin faced off against Mocha, Milk, and Cappuccino in a 3-on-1 match, demonstrating overwhelming "butt" strength and emerging victorious. He responded to the cheers from the audience by shaking his butt. The heated match ended with a big ball relay involving the entire audience, with the red team emerging victorious.

Enjoy a day full of Sanrio-themed experiential content

2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix
2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix
2024 Sanrio Character Grand Prix

In addition to the three stages, there were various experiential contents such as a cafe wagon selling food & drinks with character designs, and a movie studio exclusive to this event. The fans who gathered at the venue enjoyed a day full of Sanrio by purchasing goods, writing messages to the characters, and taking photos at the photo spots.

2024 Sanrio Character Awards
2024 Sanrio Character Awards

A total of 21 characters appeared in the special show finale. They livened up the entire venue with songs and dances, wrapping up SANRIO FES 2024.


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