【2024】Your Ultimate Guide to Japan's Summer Sales: Start Dates and Shopping Hotspots Revealed!

Summer Bargain Shopping

In Japan, department stores and shopping malls hold major bargain sales twice a year, offering fantastic opportunities to shop for great deals. The first sale happens in winter, kicking off with New Year's first sale and the highly anticipated sale of lucky bags (Fukubukuro), lasting until the end of January. The second sale takes place in summer, starting from late June to mid-July and continuing through to the end of July.

In this article, we'll share important tips about the summer bargain sale, including typical dates and durations, so you can make the most of these shopping events. Read on to learn how to snag the best deals this summer!

Why Does Japan Have Summer Sales?

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Japan holds major sales twice a year, in summer and winter, for two main reasons.

First, the distinct four seasons in Japan necessitate changing wardrobes, especially during the significant transitions of summer and winter. Japan experiences "spring" with its cherry blossoms and mild weather, "summer" with hot temperatures, "autumn" with pleasant weather and colourful foliage, and "winter" with cold temperatures and short days. As the seasons change, apparel stores update their product lineups from spring/summer to autumn/winter and vice versa. Sales are timed to coincide with these transitions, helping consumers refresh their wardrobes.

Second, many Japanese companies distribute bonuses in summer and winter, creating a "bonus season" when people are more likely to spend money. Retailers capitalise on this by offering sales around these times to encourage shopping.

Additionally, Japan has other notable sales events. Local supermarkets, shops, and companies celebrate their professional baseball team’s championship with special sales. Recently, "Black Friday" sales, modelled after the U.S. shopping event following Thanksgiving, have gained popularity. These sales extend to electronics stores, toy stores, supermarkets, drugstores, and even airlines.

During the summer sale, you can find discounts on summer clothes like T-shirts and shorts, fashion items such as sunglasses, home appliances like fans and air conditioners, and seasonal items like swimsuits and sandals. In winter, the focus shifts to heavy winter clothing like coats and sweaters, accessories such as scarves and gloves, and cold-weather home goods like stoves.

When Do Sales Start at Major Stores?

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Here's the 2023 summer sale schedule for major department stores and shopping centers. These sales typically occur around the same time each year, so use this as a reference. For the most up-to-date information on 2024 sales, please visit the official websites.

Ginza Mitsukoshi

From 28th June 2024 (Friday) 

Shinjuku Isetan

From 28th June 2024 (Friday) 

Shinjuku Takashimaya

From 28th June 2024 (Friday) to 9th July 2024 (Tuesday)


From 27th July 2023 (Thursday) to 31st July 2023 (Monday)


From 23rd June 2023 (Friday) to 17th July 2023 (Monday/Public holiday)

Tokyo Solamachi

From 28th June 2024 (Friday) to 31st July 2024 (Wednesday)


From 12nd July 2024 (Friday) to 21st July 2024 (Sunday)  

※Simultaneously held at 19 facilities nationwide (TOKYO-BAY, Kashiwanoha, Toyosu, Tachikawa Tachihi, Yokohama, Ebina, Shonan Hiratsuka, Shin Misato, Fujimi, Iwata, Numazu, Nagoya Minato AQULS, Aichi Togo, Koshien, Izumi, EXPOCITY, Sakai, Kadoma, Fukuoka)


From 30th June 2023 (Friday) to 10th July 2023 (Monday)

Tokyo Midtown

From 28th June 2024 (Friday) to 15th July 2024 (Monday)

Hanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

From 19th June 2024 (Friday) to 8th July 2024 (Monday)

Keio Department Store Shinjuku Store

From 17th July 2024 (Wednesday) to 23rd July 2024 (Tuesday)


From 5th July 2024 (Friday) to 15th July 2024 (Monday)

※Simultaneously held at Sapporo, Sendai(6/28~), Urawa, Ikebukuro, Shibuya, Kinshicho, Kichijoji, Chofu, Hibarigaoka, Shin-Tokorozawa, Matsumoto, Shizuoka, Nagoya(6/28~), Shinsaibashi, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Parco_ya Ueno, SAN-A Urazoe Nishikaigan(6/28~)


From 1st July 2023 (Saturday) to 17th July 2023 (Monday/Public Holiday)


From 1st July 2024 (Monday) to 17th July 2024 (Monday/Public Holiday)

Omotesando Hills

From 1st July 2023 (Thursday) - 17th July 2023 (Monday/Public Holiday)

Roppongi Hills

From 1st July 2023 (Saturday) to 17th July 2023 (Monday/Public Holiday)

Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

From 1st July 2023 (Saturday)


From 11st July 2024 (Thursday) to 17th July 2024 (Wednesday)

Key Points to Know Before You Go: Understanding Sales in Japan

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1. Sales Roll Out Gradually, Not All at Once!

Departments stores and malls often don't kick off sales across all their stores simultaneously. Instead, they opt for staggered starts. The first round might run from June 30th to July 5th, followed by subsequent rounds from July 6th to 15th, and so forth. Even if a flyer advertises a specific start date, your favoured brand might not begin discounting on that day.

2. Discounts Peak Towards the End!

If you hit the stores on the opening day of the sale, you'll have a wide array of choices. However, holding off until the final day can often mean deeper discounts. For instance, while an item might be 30% off on day one, it could be slashed to half price by the sale's end.

3. Watch Out for "Storewide" Sales—Not Everything Is Included!

Despite being labeled as a "storewide sale" in ads and flyers, luxury brands and jewelry typically remain exempt. Even within participating stores, claims of "half price on all items (excluding some)" mean certain items are excluded. These exceptions are usually tagged with "Not included in the sale" labels. Some stores might also use colour-coded stickers to denote discount rates, like red for 50% off, blue for 40% off, and yellow for 30% off.

Making the Most of Summer Shopping: Tips for Enjoying Department Stores and Malls

Beer garden BBQ rooftop

During the summer, many department stores and shopping malls transform their rooftops into beer gardens and BBQ venues. These spaces offer a delightful open-air experience where you can relax with a cold beer and delicious BBQ fare, all while enjoying the evening breeze. Some places even allow you to bring deli items purchased from the store's basement or feature live performances for added entertainment.

One of the major perks of rooftop beer gardens and BBQs at department stores is their accessibility. After a day of shopping with bags in tow, it's incredibly convenient to head straight up to the rooftop for some relaxation and refreshments.

Top Summer Products in Japan: What's Hot on the Shelves?

Japan Summer Gifts

In Japanese department stores and shopping malls, you'll find a range of products that are exclusively popular during the summer season.


During the Japanese summer, the tradition of "Ochugen" involves giving gifts to those who've supported you, such as bosses or business associates, as a token of appreciation. Gifts are typically exchanged in person when there's an opportunity, or they're sent via courier. Stores create dedicated "Ochugen Catalogues" for easy gift selection, and some even offer special Ochugen reception counters. Common Ochugen gifts include beer, jelly, juice, and ham.

Obon & Homecoming Gifts

Ochugen gift jelly

August brings Obon season, where many people travel back to their parents' homes. These homecoming gifts, often sold in designated sections, feature local specialties.

Summer Fashion and Items

Summer Japan Yukata

From yukatas to swimsuits, summer attire dominates the shelves during this season. Some stores even dedicate special sections to these items. Additionally, fashion accessories like fans, parasols, and sunglasses see an expanded selection during the summer months.


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