【Chugoku Region】HOTEL BEACON ONOMICHI, a cyclist-friendly stylish hotel directly connected to JR Onomichi Station, Hiroshima

The Setouchi Shimanami Kaido is a world-renowned cycling course that has even been called a “holy land for cyclists”. The course starts from Onomichi City in Hiroshima Prefecture, attracting cyclists from all over the world with its spectacular views of the sea, which is also known for the beauty of the many islands plus its mild climate. This time we would like to introduce you to one of the most popular places to stay for cyclists in the Onomichi area! Let's dive in the dreamy hotel where you can stay with your own bicycle!

HOTEL BEACON ONOMICHI provides a multitude of modern and stylish services!

HOTEL BEACON ONOMICHI is a hotel where you can bring your own bicycle, fully renovated from the second floor of JR Onomichi Station building. This hotel was newly opened in July 2022 and is directly connected to JR Onomichi Station, making it the best place to access to your destinations during your stay here. Also, the hotel has a work lounge and a solo sauna, which is in line with its provision of a multitude of different services as a new and stylish type of accomodation. Furthermore, from the observation desk you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Onomichi waterway and Mukojima Island right in front of you!

Different concept rooms to suit your travel needs

There are 16 rooms in HOTEL BEACON ONOMICHI, including a home-theater-equipped suite room, cycle rooms that are geared towards those traveling with their bicycles, and bunk bedrooms each with a kitchen. From the 6 room types that will surely suit all your needs and interests, this time we would like to introduce 4 of them!

CYCLE TWIN・CORNER CYCLE TWIN – The best rooms for cyclists

A room type that comes with an in-room bike rack, where you can bring your own bike into the room. In CORNER CYCLE TWIN there are the double-sided viewing windows, allowing guests to enjoy views of the Onomichi railway line. In addition, bricks from the original Onomichi Station building are used as part of the room's interior. The advantage of this room is that you can enjoy both the past and present of Onomichi.

Besides that, all the rooms are equipped with a 80-inch theater screen. You can enjoy your relaxing time in the room by watching TV or movies on the big screen!

BEACON SUITE – A Japanese style room type with tatami mats

There are also rooms that offer a Japanese-modern style with tatami mats. In the spacious suite rooms there is a ‘120 inch large-screen theater’ where you can enjoy watching movies and videos. The best part of this room type is that it allows you to enjoy talking without the worry of “The Three Cs” (*1)

*1 Three Cs is an Japanese idiom (3密を避ける) which is popular during the Covid-19 : closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact

BUNK BED ROOMS with a kitchen area

A room type that features a private kitchen. The rooms offer bunk bed, so they are ideal for groups or travelers with children.

The kitchen is equipped with a fridge and tableware. You can enjoy your meal time in your own private space with cooking or having take-out food here. How about enjoying your trip in a differen way whilst enjoying privacy?

Be sure to check out the meticulous hotel equipment & amenities!

The other interesting point of this hotel are its equipment and amenities. All rooms are equipped with a Balmuda electronic kettle, a Nespresso coffee machine, internationally reputed Imabari towels, and original room wear.

In the bathroom there is even the Setouchi lemon shampoo, a unique product originally from Hiroshima. You can also pick up any amenity you need from the shelf located next to front desk, ranging from cleansing, toner, tooth brush, comb, to skin care products for men.

Super modern! You can also experience the “Contactless Services”

Check in – check out procedures at HOTEL BEACON ONOMICHI are all completed by machines which are available in Japanese and also foreign languages, such as English, Chinese, and etc.

Also, instead of using a key for checking luggage, you can use your own transport IC Card or credit card. When you want to lock or unlock the luggage, you just have to tap the lock with your card.

Café Restaurant & Bar GEN offers a variety of creative menus

Café Restaurant & Bar GEN is a restaurant with an open-air atrium that opens all day, from morning time to evening.

The breakfast of this hotel is a “box-style breakfast” that comes with a variety of delicacies. Here you can savour healthy breakfast such as “original smoothies” and “homemade quiches” with plenty of vegetables and fruits from Onomichi. During the afternoon café time, you can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere with desserts made from seasonal ingredients and special drinks.

Lunch and dinner menus offer seafood and different cuts of fish from the Seto Inland Sea. Apart from seafood, prefectural brand beef and a variety of creative dishes are available too. This restaurant is open not only to overnight guests, but also to diners. For those who wants to enjoy local food from Onomichi, this is a place worth seeking out. 

Hotel Information

  • Address: Onomichi Station 2nd floor, 1-1, Higashi Gosho-cho, Onomichi City, Hiroshima
  • Access:
    Directly connected to JR Onomichi Station, about 50 minutes by car from Hiroshima Airport


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