New Chitose Airport's Entertainment Spots - Get Your Hands on some Exclusive Popular Character Goods!

New Chitose Airport, found approximately 40 minutes via car from JR Sapporo Station. Here you can find not only an airport but a wide range of entertainment facilities to enjoy during your wait. 

In this article, we're going to delve deeper into what kind of facilities the airport has including those of popular characters such as Sanrio and Doraemon, and even one of Hokkaido's most well-known characters snow Miku, and her exclusive facility! There are many cafes and restaurants which have these characters as their motif, tons of exclusive character goods to commemorate your journey, and much more to check out during your journey to Hokkaido!


ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク

Doraemon WAKUWAKU SKY PARK has a park zone (paid), amusement zone, and a library all of which are designed and filled with the world of Doraemon.

The park zone contains a play area, a "wonderous experience" area, and a greeting area, all of which are filled with photo spots and items from the Doraemon world such as the "Anywhere Door" and the "Small Light", and even the "Time Machine"! There are also many minigames in the play area which have a theme of "Mysterious Tools", check out Doraemon jumping out from the loop, and make sure to check out all of the unique zones!

ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク

Furthermore, in the library, there are books from the Doraemon series in over 14 different languages for you to read! Each different language has a different cover, so why not try and compare some of them? (Currently closed until further notice.)

ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク

At the on-site cafe, you can try out some foods and drinks which have Doraemon and Dorami-chan painted on them such as an "Ankipan Sandwich", or any other of the many unique items on the menu! Don't forget to purchase some exclusive sweets and SKY PARK goods at the official shop before leaving!

ドラえもん わくわくスカイパーク

  • New Chitose Airport Terminal Building 3F Smile Rode
  • Business Hours:【Park Zone】10:00~18:00(Last Entry 17:30)【Shop】10:00~18:30 【Cafe】10:00~18:00(Last Order 17:00)【Workshop】10:00~18:00(Final Registration 17:00)
  • Entrance Fee:【Park Zone】General 800 JPY, Middle / Highschool Student 500 JPY, Elementary School Student 400 JPY, 2 and under enter free
  • ※To help in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, certain facilities and areas may be closed or have differing business hours. Please ensure to check the official homepage prior to visiting for the latest information.
  • URL:

Hello Kitty Happy Flight

ハローキティ ハッピーフライト

Hello Kitty Happy Flight is an entertainment facility with Hello Kitty Airline's large airplane as its setting.

With a concept of "Exploring the World alongside Hello Kitty as a cabin attendant", it has a European Plaza, Asian Street, and more totaling 6 zones all of which have a country as their unique motif for you to explore. There's Taiwan's night city, Thailand's stage, Kitty's Garden Circle, and many more with popular characters such as My Melody, make sure to explore the world of Sanrio!

ハローキティ ハッピーフライト

Happy Flight Cafe has lots of delicious Hello Kitty snacks such as cinnamon rolls, parfaits, rice dishes, curry, and much more for you to enjoy, of course with unique designs of the various popular Sanrio characters!

ハローキティ ハッピーフライト

  • Hello Kitty Happy Flight
  • New Chitose Airport Terminal Building 3F Smile Rode
  • Business Hours:11:00~17:00 (Cafe Last Order 16:30)
  • Entrance Fee:【Paid Zone】General(Including Middle school Students)800 JPY, Elementary School Student 400 JPY, 3 and under enter free
  • © 2021 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPROVAL NO. SP620093

Snow Miku Sky Town

雪ミク スカイタウン

At Snow Miku Sky Town you'll find lots of shops and a museum all about Hokkaido's Winter Character Snow Miku (Hatsune Miku)! Snow Miku was born from a white statue created at a 2010 Sapporo Snow Festival.

雪ミク スカイタウン

At this museum, you can meet a large-scale snow Miku and check out illustrations and various goods. Also, there is a shop where you can purchase some snow Miku goods in the airport!

雪ミク スカイタウン
Snow Miku Cookies 1,404 JPY (Tax Inc.)

Hatsune Miku started the boom of virtual singers in the 2000s. Now you're able to see her and enjoy various Miku-related goods at New Chitose Airport! Make sure to do some shopping before you leave!

  • Snow Miku Sky Town
  • Domestic Terminal Building 4F
  • Business Hours:9:00~19:00
  • ※To help in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, business hours may be shortened.

Airport Information

  • New Chitose Airport
  • Address:Bibi, Chitose, Hokkaido 066-0012
  • Has Free Wi-Fi, Free Rental Charging Space, and Mobile Wi-Fi & Mobile Phone Rental Service


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