Visit Harajiri Falls - A Geographical Site Where you can see the Inner Working of the World!

Harajiri Falls is a waterfall that seems to come out of nowhere surrounded by flatlands. It has even been called the Niagara Falls of the East. Harajiri Falls was actually created due to the volcanic activity of the nearby Mount Aso and enables visitors to see just one wonderful way in which the world works. If you're ever visiting Oita, this is one spot you should try to make time for.

The Sudden Appearance of "The Niagara Falls of the East"

When visiting Harajiri Falls, the first thing you'll probably notice is that the waterfall itself is surrounded by flatlands and not much else. This is one of Oita Bungo's Geographical sites, known as "Oita Bungoono Geopark". 

The bedrock which the water from the waterfall is hitting is said to be from over 90,000 years ago when Mount Aso erupted and the pyroclastic flow cooled down hardening, you're able to see the Columnar joints in the rocks.

It has a width of 120 meters, and a depth of 20 meters, being chosen as one of "Japan's top 100 waterfalls".

Check out the Surroundings of the Waterfall

Downstream from the waterfall, you'll find a wooden suspension bridge known as "Takimibashi", from which you're able to see the waterfall face-on very well. Whereas upstream you'll find a low water crossing​, from which you're able to take a trip around the entire waterfall. You're also able to visit the dry riverbed at the base of the waterfall, so make sure to appreciate this natural structure from many different angles! 

Adjoined to the waterfall basin you'll find a roadside station (government-designated rest area found along roads and highways) known as "Roadside Station Harajiri-no-taki" where you can try delicious foods such as Bungo Beef tōbanyaki, Japanese dumpling soup, Toriten (A style of fried chicken)​, and local cuisine from Oita Prefecture.

How to Get to Harajiri Falls

  • 7 minutes via car from the Hohi Line Ogata Station
  • 10 minutes via bus from Ogata Station on the "Takeda bound" departing at "Harajiri Falls Entrance"
  • Address:936-1 Ogatamachi Harajiri, Bungoono, Oita 879-6631

How did you find this article? If you're visiting Oita in the future, make sure to check out the Niagara Falls of the East! If you're a fan of geography and natural formations, make sure to check out the surrounding geo sites as well.


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