In Shikoku, you'll find that a lot of train lines run alongside the coast, and there are many tourist trains all with unique and interesting concepts. Here are our top 5 must-ride tourist trains if you're visiting Shikoku!

1. Iyonada Monogatari(Shikoku Railway Company)

This is a tourist train where you're able to make reservations in advance and enjoy delicious foods crafted by famous local chefs while enjoying the view of the beautiful coastline in Ehime prefecture from your seat. The route connects Matsuyama, Iyo-Ōzu, and Yawatahama. All of the foods you'll enjoy during your journey use carefully selected local ingredients. With 4 services each day, each has its own outline of unique experiences for guests. During the route, you'll stop temporarily at Shimonada Station where you're able to see the ocean from the platform, you're even able to exit the platform and take some amazing photographs! At the counter on car 2, you're able to purchase various types of alcohol, specially selected coffee, cake, and exclusive train goods to commemorate your trip.


  • Route:Matsuyama—Iyo-Ōzu / Matsuyama—Yawatahama
  • Schedule:All-year-round Mainly on Weekends, Monday, and Public Holidays - 1 Round-trip Per Day
  • Time:Matsuyama—Iyo-Ōzu One-way approx. 2 hours / Matsuyama—Yawatahama One-way approx. 2 hours 20 mins
  • Fee:Matsuyama—Iyo-Ōzu Adult Ticket 970 + Seat Reservation Fee 1,000 JPY / Matsuyama—Yawatahama Adult Ticket 1,300 + Seat Reservation Fee 1,000 JPY

2. Shikoku Mannaka Sennen Monogatari(Shikoku Railway Company)

This is a dining train that runs within the mountains of Shikoku. The theme of the train is allowing you to spend a leisurely day enjoying the foods and views of the mountains. You will pass by ruins that have over 1,000 years of history in and around the Shikoku mountains. The interior of the train has great Japanese influence with a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. In fact, the interior itself is made in the image of an old Japanese-style house, with the entirety being surrounded by wooden features. The food you're able to enjoy here has been carefully selected and crafted by skilled chefs, with local ingredients, you're able to enjoy it alongside local Japanese sake, sweets, and much more.

The food you're able to reserve in advance during the outbound line is western-style using local ingredients, and the in-bound is Japanese-style cuisine using local ingredients.


  • Route:Tadotsu Station-Ōboke Station
  • Schedule:All-year-round Fri/Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 1 Round-trip per Day
  • Time:Departure approx. 2 hours 30 mins, Return approx. 2 hours 50 mins
  • Fee:Up to 3,800 JPY ; Children up to 2,550 JPY

3. Shikoku Tosa Toki No Yoake No Monogatari(Shikoku Railway Company)

This is a luxurious tourist train that connects Kochi Station and Kubokawa Station over the course of a relaxing 2 hour and 40-minute journey. The design of the train is a combination of both old and new, over 2 contrastive train cars. During your journey, you're able to enjoy the picturesque​ view from your window seat and experience the hospitality of Tosaryu. Enjoy delicious foods using local ingredients from Kochi (Reservation / Separate Fee Required). This is a train journey where you'll be able to have your fill of nature, foods, and the history of Tosa.


  • Route:Kochi—Kubokawa
  • Schedule:All-year-round Mainly Fri/Sat/Sun/Public Holidays 1 Round-trip per Day
  • Time:Round Trip Approx. 2 hours 45 mins
  • Fee:Ticket 1,470 + Limited Express Fee 2,500 JPY / Children 730 + 1,900 JPY

4. Shiman Toracco(Shikoku Railway Company)

Enjoy the beautiful Shimanto River scenery on a bright golden yellow heritage railway train. Shimanto River is one of Japan's few clear stream rivers, and enjoying it whilst riding the train alongside Hiromi River is an unforgettable experience. You can learn a lot of things about these rivers thanks to the onboard volunteer guide! Please be aware that this train does not have toilet facilities, so plan in advance!


  • Route:Uwajima-Kubokawa; The heritage railway goes from Ekawasaki to Tosa-Taishō
  • Schedule: 2021 Mar - Sep (Excluding June) on Weekends + Public Holidays / Weekdays from Jul 19 - Aug 20
  • Time:One-way approx. 2 hours 30 mins - 2 hours 40 mins
  • Fee:Ticket 1,870 + Seat Reservation 530 JPY / Children Half Price

5. Yoshinogawa Toracco(Shikoku Railway Company)

This is a heritage railway train where you'll be able to experience Tokushima's culture, history, and local foods and sake whilst feeling the Yoshino River breeze. Both cars use graduation in color from deep to light blue, symbolizing the colors of the river, natural features of Awa, both of which are said to carry the grace of the river. From your seat, you're able to see much rural landscape and the Sanuki Mountains. The train will slow down during some of the best sights you're able to see during your journey allowing you to take some amazing photographs and enjoy the view to your heart's content!


  • Route:Tokushima—Awa-Ikeda
  • Schedule: Mar-May, Sep-Nov, mainly on Weekends + Public Holidays
  • Time:One-way approx. 2 hours 40 mins
  • Fee:Ticket 1,660 + Seat Reservation 530 JPY / Children Half Price