Tohoku, filled with nature and rich in nutritious foods. Rushing around really doesn't suit the atmosphere that Tohoku brings with it. If you're wanting to relax and see the sights, how about riding on one of these tourist trains? We're going to introduce 5 must-ride tourist trains in this article.

※To help in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, certain trains within this article may have schedules different from those stated within this article. For accurate information, please ensure to check each train line's official homepage.

1. Toreiyu Tsubasa (Yamagata / Fukushima)

Within the train you're able to relax whilst looking out the windows, they even have services available such as foot spas, and a reservation-only tatami-mat space. Not only this, but you're able to try some delicious Yamagata Prefecture wine and juice at the bar counter within the train. This is what you could call a resort train!


  • Route:Fukushima Station (Fukushima Prefecture) - Shinjō Station (Yamagata Prefecture)
  • Schedule:Everyday All-Year-Round 1 Round Trip per Day
  • Fee:Adult Ticket 2,640 JPY + Reserved Seat 2,390 JPY / Child Ticket  1,320 JPY + 1,190 JPY
  • Foot Spa required a separate fee of 450 JPY, customers using the Byu Travel Products will be prioritized. For further information, please ask an on-board train attendant.

2. TOHOKU EMOTION(Aomori / Iwate)

This is a train that has food and restaurants as its theme. You're able to eat delicious foods local to Tohoku whilst looking out onto the Sanriku sea. There is a multi-course menu from a popular chef available on the outward journey. During the return, you're able to try an original dessert. By paying an additional 3,000 JPY you're even able to have a room all to yourself. At the live kitchen space, you're able to see the chef cooking the meals right in front of you. At every turn within the train, you'll find traditional art which you can look at.


  • Route:Hachinohe Station (Aomori Prefecture) - Kuji Station (Iwate Prefecture)
  • Schedule:Everyday All-Year-Round 1 Round Trip per Day
  • Fee:
    • One-way:Hachinohe Station ⇒ Kuji Station (Lunch Course) Adult 8,100 JPY Child 7,500 JPY
    • One-way:Kuji Station ⇒ Hachinohe Station (Lunch & Dessert Course※1) Adult: 4,600 JPY, Child 4,000 JPY
    • Round Trip:Hachinohe Station ⇔ Kuji Station (Lunch & Dessert Course※1) Adult: 12,200JPY, 11,000 JP

3. Fruitea Fukushima(Fukushima Prefecture)

This is a tourist train where you can enjoy sweets from what is known as the "Fruits kingdom" Fukushima. Its concept is a "moving cafe". Many of the original sweets you'll find here are widely popular and use fruits sourced from Fukushima Prefecture, perfect to enjoy eating whilst enjoying the sights.


  • Route:Ban-Etsusai Line Kōriyama Station—Kitakata Station April〜November, Tohoku Line Kōriyama Station—Sendai Station December〜March
  • Schedule:Everyday All-Year-Round 1 Round Trip per Day
  • Fee:5,500 JPY〜(Depends on amount of people and interval)※This is a tour, and as such requires reservation either within the JR East Railway Station's "View Plaza" or via "View Online"

4. SL Ginga (Galaxy)(Iwate Prefecture)

This is one of the most popular tourist trains within Tohoku. Its exterior has been designed in the image of the night sky and it has a retro interior, the design is based on the "Miyazawakenji​" and is known as the "Night on the Galactic Railroad". It has been seen in many publications that contain the Kamaishi Line. At the Miyazawakenji​ Gallery, you'll find lots of exhibits from Touhoku Yukari. It is also equipped with the world's first light-based planetarium. It runs for 4 hours from Hanamaki Station to Kamaishi Station.


Route:Hanamaki Station-Kamaishi Station

Schedule:July-August Saturdays Heading to Hanamaki, Sundays heading to Kamaishi

Fee:One-way Adult 1,690 JPY, Reserved Seat Fee 840 JPY, Child 840+420 JPY

5. Resort Shirakami(Tỉnh Aomori / Akita)

This is a local line that runs from Aomori to Akita known as the "Gono Line", it travels alongside the sea of Japan which is beautiful to look out onto. The entire interior of the train from floor to ceiling is made from wood, and you can see the attention to detail within the crafts that are on display in the observation room. There are also days where you can see performances of Tsugaru-jamisen. Whilst riding the train you're able to try some local Japanese sake, coffee, sweets, and boxed lunch foods.


  • Route:Akita Station-Aomori Station
  • Schedule:Everyday All-Year-Round 1 Round Trip per Day
  • Fee:One-way Adult 4,510 JPY + Seat Reservation 530 JPY Child 2,250 + 260 JPY

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