5 Must-Buy Souvenirs when Shopping in Nagasaki

5 Must-Buy Souvenirs when Shopping in Nagasaki

There are many souvenirs in Nagasaki, and there are plenty of shopping spots. Not only influenced by foreign countries through thriving international trade, but also the warm area surrounded by the sea, creating the rich natural environment that produce various souvenir items.  Here are five of the most recommended souvenirs.

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki: Castella

5 Must-Buy Souvenirs when Shopping in Nagasaki

Nagasaki Castella (長崎カステラ) is a fine confectionery representing Nagasaki. It is a traditional confection that came from the West in the 16th century, and has developed into its own thing. It is made of eggs, flour, granulated sugar, and starch syrup, and its sweetness and moist texture make it delicious. In addition, it is accented with its crispy texture from the granulated sugar that isn’t fully melted down.

Nagasaki Castella is sold in many shops, but among them the long-established stores "Fukusaya (福砂屋)" and "Shooken (松翁軒)" are famous.

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki: Ikkoko

"Ikkoko (一口香)" is a local sweet originating from from China. It is baked with paste made of a mixture of brown sugar and honey put in skin made of flour. Curiously, when baked, the paste evaporates and the inside becomes hollow. It is a unique confectionery with delicious paste, with a crisp texture on the thin skin.

Ikkoko is sold in various places such as Japanese-style confectionery shops and supermarkets. Among them, the well-established stores "Ichimaru Ko (一◯香)” and "Enokijunseido (榎純正堂)" are famous.

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki: Biwa Jelly

“Biwa Jelly (びわゼリー)” is a refreshing sweet that uses Biwa (loquat), a specialty of Nagasaki. The freshly harvested Biwa is put into jelly. The sweetness and mellow aroma of Biwa spread throughout your mouth, and is easy to eat with its soft texture.

If you want to buy "Biwa Jelly", "Choseido (長生堂)" and "Nagasaki Ijindo (長崎異人堂)" are recommended.

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki: Nagasaki Karasumi

5 Must-Buy Souvenirs when Shopping in Nagasaki

"Nagasaki Karasumi (長崎からすみ)" is a high-class food said to be Japan's three major delicacies. It is made by salting the ovaries of bora and sun-drying it, and it is characterized by its thick texture and rich taste. It is standard to eat as a snack while drinking, but it is also recommended to use in dishes such as pasta.

If you want to buy Nagasaki Karasumi, check out long-established stores that has been in business for over 100 years, such as "Takanoya (高野屋)" and "Onohara Honten (小野原本店)".

Must-Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki: Nagasaki Bekko

5 Must-Buy Souvenirs when Shopping in Nagasaki

"Nagasaki Bekko (長崎べっ甲)" is a traditional craft representing Nagasaki. It is made from the shell, claws, and plastron from a type of sea turtle, the hawksbill, each being hand-crafted by craftsmen. There are various kinds of products, such as necklaces, brooches, glasses, and figurines. The smooth texture and shiny amber color are beautiful and you will be mesmerized by it.

If you are looking to buy "Nagasaki Bekko", you should visit a specialty store such as "Ezaki Bekko Store (江崎べっ甲店)" with its large selection or "Takagi Bekko Store (高木べっ甲店)".

Places to Buy Souvenirs in Nagasaki

There are many spots where you can buy souvenirs and other specialties introduced so far within Nagasaki City. For example, in addition to there being shopping malls such as “Amu Plaza Nagasaki”, centered in Nagasaki Station, and “Youme Town Yumesaito”, there are a variety of shopping districts such as “Nagadori Shopping District” and “Nagasaki Chinatown”. There are a variety of stores in these places, and a variety of souvenirs are available. Be sure to stop by before going home!


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