5 Souvenirs you Definitely Want to Buy When Shopping at Miyazaki in Japan

When coming to Miyazaki, why not try shopping for some of the many famous souvenirs such as famous confections, special products and traditional crafts? Miyazaki, in particular, is characterized by lots of food souvenirs grown in its warm climate. This will be an introduction to five of the Miyazaki souvenir items that are especially recommended.

Miyazaki Jitokko Sumibiyaki

“Miyazaki Jitokko Sumibiyaki”, made from Jitokko raised in Miyazaki, is a representative gourmet of Miyazaki. It is a snack gourmet that is smoked chicken cooked with a charcoal fire, and is a particularly delicious souvenir for liquor lovers.

Karaimo Dango

"Karaimo Dango", a famous local sweet in Miyazaki, is a traditional Japanese sweet that is loved in the local area. It is Dango made with fresh mochi and steamed sweet potatoes kneaded together, and is powdered with lots of Kinako. It is characterized by its natural sweetness, and is easy for anybody old and young, men and women to eat. In addition, there is also Karaimo Dango that is wrapped Tsubuan, so be sure to check that out too.

Miyazaki Mango Langue De-Chat

"Miyazaki Mango Langue De-Chat" is a pastry where you can luxuriously taste Miyazaki’s specialty mango. Mango jam is mixed into a thin and light textured cookie dough, and mango chocolate is sandwiched in between. It is packed in a box with individual packaging, so it’s suitable when giving souvenirs out to a large number of people.

Cheese Manju

"Cheese Manju" are baked sweets containing cream cheese in cookie dough. It is a famous Miyazaki confectionary sold at more than 200 stores in the prefecture. The concentration of the outside dough and the cream cheese is different depending on the shop, feel free to compare between a few.

Miyazaki Shikki or Lacquer-ware

"Miyazaki Shikki" is Miyazaki's traditional craft. It is lacquer-ware characterized by vivid amber and the black of the lacquer. The material is made of Kyushu wood, and is lacquered (urushi) and decorated. The mild climate of Miyazaki is great for drying lacquer, and results in a more beautiful finish. There are many dishes and other things that you often use, and can be added to the dinner table.

Shops where you can buy Souvenirs

Many Miyazaki souvenirs can be purchased at stalls, Miyazaki Station, Miyazaki Airport, etc at individual tourist spots. The souvenir shop at Miyazaki Airport is recommended not only because it offers a wide variety of products, but you can also buy what you need all at once on your way home. However, Miyazaki Lacquerware is hardly ever sold at the airport, so it is best to go directly to Miyazaki City's “Miyazaki Shikki Kobo”.


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