Spring is the season of Cherry blossom in Japan. The cold winter has ended and the sunlight has become warmer in spring. From the end of March to the beginning of April, Kanto area, including Tokyo is the cherry blossom viewing period. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom the whole city is dyed in pink color and it is a beautiful season in Japan. 

We introduce Japan's weather and clothes for those who are planning for a Japan trip in spring.

When is the period of spring in Japan?

Generally, spring in Japan is about three months from March to May.

◎Temperature and climate in each area of Japan

Average temperature during spring in Tokyo

  • Average temperature in March 11 ℃ (Highest temperature 17 ℃ / lowest temperature 6 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 17 ℃ (Highest temperature 22 ℃ / lowest temperature 12 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 20 ℃ (Highest temperature 25 ℃ / lowest temperature 15 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Sapporo

  • Average temperature in March 0.6 ℃ (Highest temperature 4 ℃ / lowest temperature -2.9 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 7.1 ℃ (Highest temperature 11.5 ℃ / lowest temperature 3.2 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 12.7 ℃ (Highest temperature 17.3 ℃ / lowest temperature 8.3 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Sendai

  • Average temperature in March 7.5 ℃ (Highest temperature 12.7 ℃ / lowest temperature 2.4 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 12.5 ℃ (Highest temperature 17.6 ℃ / lowest temperature 8.0 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 17.0 ℃ (Highest temperature 21.1 ℃ / lowest temperature 12.5 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Kanazawa

  • Average temperature in March 6.9 ℃ (Highest temperature 11.0 ℃ / lowest temperature 3.0 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 12.5 ℃ (Highest temperature 16.9 ℃ / lowest temperature 8.2 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 17.1 ℃ (Highest temperature 21.6 ℃ / lowest temperature 13.1 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Kyoto

  • Average temperature in March 9.4 ℃ (Highest temperature 13.7 ℃ / lowest temperature 5.6 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 15.1 ℃ (Highest temperature 19.9 ℃ / lowest temperature 10.7 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 19.0 ℃ (Highest temperature 24.6 ℃ / lowest temperature 14.0 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Fukuoka

  • Average temperature in March 11.9 ℃ (Highest temperature 16.9 ℃ / lowest temperature 7.7 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 19.1 ℃ (Highest temperature 21.9 ℃ / lowest temperature 13.0 ℃)
  • Average temperature in May 20.8 ℃ (Highest temperature 25.3 ℃ / lowest temperature 16.9 ℃)

Average temperature during spring in Naha

  • Average temperature in March 18.9 ℃ (Highest temperature 21.7 ℃ / lowest temperature 16.5 ℃)
  • Average temperature in April 21.4 ℃ (Highest temperature 24.1 ℃ / lowest temperature 19.0 ℃)
  • Average air temperature of May 24.0 ℃ (Highest temperature 26.7 ℃ / lowest temperature 21.8 ℃)

You will be able to feel the spring is coming in March since the coldness will be relieved in March

March is a month which filled with spring feeling, and a month where everyone will feel exciting to welcome the new season.

However, since the coldness still continues, it is recommended to wear an outerwear such as coat and cardigan.

Woman: When we talking about spring, the first thing that come to my mind is "floral pattern"! One piece dress with floral is a necessary item during spring. Even if you wish to incorporate some color into your spring dress, it is recommended for you to get a non-flashy color, instead you should match with a dress with a refreshing color. This time the dress we introduce is a one piece dress with small flower pattern in innocent green color. ♪

Because the weather is cold during morning and night time, it would be better to wear a coat to prevent coldness.

Man: Since March is the turning point of the season, the change of the temperature is aggressive, it is recommended for you to bring along one outer wear so that you can correspond accordingly to the weather comfortably.

The light color of the outer wear is also nice, however a dark color outer wear is cooler and preferable for a man. Also, you can wear it fashionably by just wear it layering.

From April you can enjoy the flower season and cherry blossoms are in full bloom

April will be a month with full-fledge spring feeling. It is not too hot or too cold, and is a perfect weather for sightseeing.

You will have more opportunity to take off your heavy coat and enjoy the weather with lighter attire.

Woman: Spring-like light floral one piece dress is recommended in this month! You can wear the same clothes as in March.

However, as the sunlight has become stronger in day time, it is recommended to wear a light jacket or cardigan instead of a heavy coat.

Man: For those tourist, it would be better to wear casual. At the same time, many of us would like to wear fashionably also, so instead of only wearing a casual clothes like jeans, let's wear a shirt with collar and match with a nice accessories. 

May is a month of real spring, the town is full of green

The temperature in May is getting warmer and the sunlight is getting stronger too. However, please take good care to the huge gap of temperature between morning and night time. It is recommended to combine thin coat with short sleeve.

Woman: Since the season is filled with green color, the attire with orange, yellow, green, blue, pink etc. will be good for photograph shooting. Even a classic denim, or a feminine one piece dress are recommended as it will not be too casual for your trip.

Man: When the sunlight is getting strong and temperature is getting warmer to 23℃ to 25 ℃, it is recommended to match long sleeve shirt and T-shirts with nice coordination.

The top dress with pale yellow and white pant will be a good combination in fresh spring with a sense of cleanliness. 

Summary of necessary items during spring

  1. Thin coat
  2. Sunshade umbrella
  3. Sunscreen cream
  4. Sun-glass


In Japan, there is a consecutive holiday of Golden week in May (Golden week holiday in 2019 is from 27th April (Sat) to 6th May (Mon)), so the number of people go outing increases in this period.

Tourist attractions are crowded with tourists, roads and other transportation facilities are on high demand and likely to be congested and delayed.

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