There are various egg dishes making utensil which you could find in 100 yen shop. Today, we are going to introduce this utensil to you, “3 way egg cutter”. It might be quite common for us to see the egg slicing utensil which attached with metal wire, however this utensil is available to cut the egg in 3 patterns. I, as the writer who like valuable product with worthy money, I have chosen this utensil which can be used in 3 method but only with 100 yen.

Half cut which is a basic cutting style and as a nice picture

Oh well, it worked well! With the exciting feeling, I continued to try for floral cut and slicing, however both were failed! Is it because the gap between metal wires is too near comparing to half cut? Or is it because I was too clumsy? I was failed to get it done well.

The left one is the floral cutter, while the right one is the slicing cutter.

By the way, just to let you know how clumsy I am. For example, I cannot even peel the egg’s shell nicely, etc. Today, I will use this convenient utensil to peel the shell of the egg!

Boiled-egg shell was peeled nicely?! I cannot believe that there is such a utensil with this amazing function!

Since there is a magnet is attached at the back of the utensil, you can stick to the refrigerator when it is not in use, it is just like a chick sticks to the refrigerator happily.

When you turn the round part the lock will be released. When you put on the egg and press it, a small hole will be opened at the bottom part of the egg. With only this process the egg shell can be peeled nicely, huh?

I'm sorry... My gluttonous cat has come and push the face to the egg. No! I won’t give you the egg!

Yes, I cannot see any hole at the bottom. Let’s try to boil and try again!

I peeled it cleanly - ♪

So ...

Cut! Wow! I succeed to get it completed nicely!

What I learnt is that we need to boil the egg more hardly in order to cut the egg nicely with the cutter. Please give it a try. By the way, I have used the egg which did not cut well to prepare egg sandwich and enjoy it with my family~

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