Horror & Mystery Series Vol. 18: Short Horror Stories Around the Web, “Game of Dare”

Game of Dare is a game played by young people in Japan during summer, in order to get the chill of the grave amidst the summer’s heat. But often, the game took place in the real haunted sites, and something unexpected happened. TRUTH or not, the stories are here, so read on, if you DARE!

What is “Game of Dare”

In Japanese, it is called 肝試し or “Kimo-dameshi”, which came from 肝 (Kimo, “liver” but can also mean guts or spirit to face adversity) and 試し (Tameshi, “to try” or “to test”). It is often played as a part of school activity, such as for summer camp or club activities, or in a group of friends for fun. Some use it as a daring game to go to actual haunted spot to find paranormal activities, or to take ghost pictures.

But for whatever reasons these people went for Test of Guts, they did find what they asked for, or even more…

Beware of the Fox

Four of us went to a small shrine deep in the mountain for Kimodameshi at 1AM. The game went like this: we separated into two groups of two at the entrance of the mountain trail. One group would wait at the entrance, while another group would go up to the shrine first.

Supposedly, there were two fox masks inside the shrine; in each group, one person would be wearing a mask and come back down. If anything happened, we would contact using cellphone. If anyone let out a scream, the group would lose, that was the rule.

The first group went in and came back as if nothing happened.

Then it was my group’s turn, I went there, opened the shrine’s door, took the mask and put it on myself. I didn’t feel anything strange…

When we reached the trail’s entrance, I was about to took off the mask, then it wouldn’t come off.

I was frantically trying to take it off, and by some means it came out. I turned on the light to see the three of my friends looking at me with strange look on their faces.

Hey, are you OK?” they said, I felt like something still stuck on my face, so I reached my hand to touch it, and it felt like a sticky liquid…

It was blood.

I went and washed my face at the river nearby, then we called it a night,

Then, on the next day, I went to check on the fox mask again to see what was wrong, but strangely, the shrine was not there anymore, not even in the surroundings or nearby area…

What happened to that shrine?

I am still puzzled even to this day.

From Yamata no Orochi on Sakebigoe website


In Japanese myths, foxes are tricksters that can shape-shift and play tricks to people, as well as messengers of God in some case. Was it a prank from the first group? But how could a shrine vanish overnight… I will leave it up to you.

Keep your manner, and don’t anger the spirit

This is a story from some high school students. Three high schoolers went for Kimodameshi at the rumored abandoned Hospital, where lately had been known that “[the ghost] appeared”.

They held video camera and went into the building frightenedly.

Excuse us for intruding” (お邪魔します “Ojama shimasu”)

The three went deep into the building, they came across the operating room and found a medical record (karte or カルテ in Japanese).

The three took it as souvenir and put it in the bag then headed for hospital entrance.

Sorry for our intrusion” (お邪魔しました “Ojama shimashita”)

Then the three wanted to watch the video as soon as possible, They gathered at the camera’s owner’s room to watch. With video plugged in to the TV, the screen showed the scene of the hospital.

Excuse us for intruding

That was the greeting as they entered the hospital, then at a moment later.

Welcome” (いらっしゃいませ “Irasshaimase”)

The three students looked at others’ faces puzzling.

They heard it for real. A female voice.

The camera kept going in deeper into the building.

It’s not as rough as I thought

Thank you

I guess there is nothing here

Oh, that is not true

The three turned pale as they watched.

It was totally not hearing things; the voice of a woman was clearly recorded in the video.

Soon the screen started to get brighter, as the camera left the hospital building.

Sorry for our intrusion

Hold on a moment

The voice then was different from before, it was sad, aggressive, low pitch voice.

Then at the same moment, the phone rang.

The three turned their face to each other and answered the phone.

They heard the same female voice from the video,

Hello, this is XXXX hospital. Could you returned the medical record, the one you took home, back to the hospital?…"

From Yozakura no Ayakashi on Sakebigoe website


Being well-mannered is good, but don’t take others’ belonging home, especially if you cannot hear their permission!

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