Today we would travel to Okayama Prefecture from Kagawa Prefecture where we stayed by train. Then a trouble happened! We missed the trains as we had our breakfast slowly… But, no worries! The Setouchi Area Pass we purchased is a pass that can be used at anytime, so we were able to stay calm and take the next train. A pass for any situation is so good! Although we missed the train in the morning, it was a day full of happy memories of peach hunting, visiting Japanese Sword Museum and experiencing Bizenyaki making!

Peach Hunting at Tomomien Fruit Farm

Although it was a rainy day, we had great fun at peach hunting! Have you ever eaten peach plucked by yourself? I think there is not many who has tried peach hunting before. For us, this is the first time.

There are a few tips for peach hunting

  1. Check the size of the peach inside the bag. If the bag is big enough the fruit in it has grown bigger and is good for eating. You can peek from the bottom to check the size!
  2. Once you have decided then pluck the peach while holding the root. Hold the root, if not the tree will shake and other peaches will fall too. Please be careful!
  3. The peach that are newly plucked cannot be eaten right away. It is at its best when is left for 3 days after plucking for fully ripening.

Here at Tomomien Fruit Farm, peaches that are fully ripened are kept cooled and we had them at the most delicious condition! We were all very satisfied to have tried the fresh and delicious peach!

Spot Information

  • Official name:Tomomien Fruit Farm
  • Address:Okayama Prefecture, Akaiwa City, Odani 843
  • Access:Free shuttle bus from direct sales store

Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum

Speaking of Japan, it is samurai, right? Do you know that there are various schools of Japanese swords and that their sizes and shapes are different?

There is a section in the museum where you can experience holding the swords. All of us has tried to hold. The sword is heavier than we imagined and we were talking excitedly about “how powerful the samurai to fight around holding this kind of swords”.

If you are a sword lover, why not visit the Japanese Sword Museum when you come to Japan!

Spot Information

  • Official name:Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum
  • Address:Okayama Prefecture, Setouchi City, Osufune-cho, Osafune 966
  • Access:About 3-minute walk from Ako Line Kagato Station

Experiencing Bizenyaki Making

Okayama is popular with its ceramics ware in Japan from long ago. Here we, the fans of FUN! JAPAN had a pottery experience together!

Kneading ➡ hitting ➡ matching the shapes ➡ cut the extra parts ➡ put in name ➡ ★COMPLETE★

Each of us chose and made our own favorite shape. It was interesting that the works showed our own personality! Pottery is hard but it is so fun!

It takes time to complete as the pottery requires time to bake and dry. We couldn't wait for it to be completed! I am so looking forward to having meals using the plate I made by myself!!

Spot Information

  • Official name:Bizenyaki Toukichi
  • Address:Okayama Prefecture, Bizen City, Inbe 668
  • Access:About 5-minute walk from Ako Line Inbe Station

Go to Osaka by Shinkansen!

From JR Aioi Station, we used the Setouchi Area Pass to board Shinkansen (bullet train) to Osaka! Setouchi Area Pass not only can be used for train, boat and bus, it can also be used for Shinkansen. What a convenient pass~~

Thanks for reading till the end.

The next report will be “Visit Japan Campaign Report Vol.5 ~ The Sports Day in Osaka: Batting Cage, Bowling, Archery and Osaka Castle~”

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