With over 160,000 restaurants to choose from, diners visiting Tokyo can easily find themselves spoiled for choice. Here is our list of five more Michelin-starred restaurants in Tokyo offering some of the best Japanese cuisine in the city.

Japanese Cuisine Seizan (日本料理 晴山)

Located in Tokyo’s Mita district, Japanese Cuisine Seizan is perfect for those seeking authentic Japanese cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner, this Michelin two-starred restaurant offers meals to die for. They have 22,500 JPY or 30,000 JPY courses, each consisting of ten plates selected by the chef to reflect the current season. Even for the gourmet elite, as a top-tier Japanese restaurant in Tokyo, Japanese Cuisine Seizan exceeds expectations.

Restaurant Information: Japanese Cuisine Seizan (日本料理 晴山)

Kifuu (紀風) providing beautiful Japanese cuisine

A short walk from Ebisu station in Tokyo, Michelin-starred Kifuu offers dishes inspired by the seasons. Open for lunch and dinner (except Tuesdays, when only dinner is offered), three courses are specially selected by the chef. Kifuu’s subdued atmosphere and carefully arranged dishes dramatically highlight the beauty typical of Japanese cuisine. Since the menu changes with the seasons, you’ll find yourself returning again and again.

Restaurant Information: Kifuu (紀風)

Shinjuku Kappo NAKAJIMA (新宿割烹 中嶋)

Located in Shinjuku, which is a busy area of Tokyo, Shinjuku Kappo NAKAJIMA blends tradition and innovation for a unique take on Japanese cuisine. Whether for lunch or dinner, this Michelin-starred restaurant won’t disappoint you. Only one course is available, but this 10-plate meal will have you marveling over each selected ingredient. The head chef comes from a long line of Japanese culinary masters, as proven by the exceptional flavors presented by the plates.

Restaurant Information: Shinjuku Kappo NAKAJIMA (新宿割烹 中嶋)

Unagi Akimoto (うなぎ秋本)

“Unagi”, Japanese for eel, is usually associated with summer due to its rumored ability to give you stamina. Located near the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Unagi Akimoto offers four delectable courses of unagi dishes. Excite your culinary senses with Michelin-starred Unagi Akimoto in the heart of Tokyo this summer.

Restaurant Information: Unagi Akimoto (うなぎ秋本)

Ichita (南青山 いち太) located in Aoyama, Shibuya

A Japanese cuisine restaurant located in Tokyo’s posh Aoyama neighborhood, has already received a Michelin star. Ichita is only open for dinner, but provides three different courses. Ichita’s master of Japanese cuisine has a penchant for perfection and has been known to have candid conversations with his patrons, providing unparalleled hospitality.

Restaurant Information: Ichita (南青山 いち太)

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