Inuyama city in Aichi Prefecture was a stage where Japan’s battle occurred in the warring states of Sengoku period. During the Edo period, it was developed as a city around a castle, and even now, many traces of history are left in this city. It is a spot which shouldn’t be missed by those who love to learn more about Japan’s history. Here are popular hotels located in Inuyama city.

While Visiting Inuyama City in Aichi, Here Are The 3 Hotels You’ll Want To Reserve

Meitetsu Hotel Inuyama, A Hotel Within 10 Minutes Walk from Inuyama Castle, A National Treasure

You can see the Kiso river from the room, and it has a calm atmosphere. During your stay you can also enjoy the outdoor bath and a public bath facility where you can experience the four seasons. There is a Japanese garden Urakuen on the premises, and a tea room "Jo-an", which is a national treasure. Although it is usually private, it is open to the public once a month for free. Wi-Fi and relaxing hot springs are offered.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel
  • Street address: 107-1 Kitakoken Inuyama, Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, 484-0082 Japan
  • Access: An 8 minute walk from Meitetsu's "Inuyama-yuen" Station

If You’re Looking For Top-notch Japanese Hospitality, Akariya Geihanro Is The Answer

When you check in, you will be welcomed with tea and sweets. All the rooms are modern suites with semi open-air bath attached. From the room you can see the beautiful scenery of Inuyama, including Inuyama Castle and Kiso River. Whether it be Springtime where you can watch the cherry blossoms in full bloom, a summer festival fireworks over the Kiso River, the beautifully colored dusk in Autumn, or a winter landscape covered in pure white snow, you can experience the four seasons in this lodging.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Akariya Geihanro (灯屋 迎帆楼)
  • Street address: 41-6 Kitakoken Inuyama, Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture, 484-0082 Japan
  • Access: 5 minutes by free taxi from MEITETSU INUYAMA station
  • (Please hop on a taxi ride at Inuyama station to the hotel, then bring the taxi ride receipt to the front desk at check in. The hotel will take care of the fee.)

The Inexpensive Convenient Choice: Inuyama Miyako Hotel

The hotel offers rooms with free Wi-Fi and a bathtub. There are also public bath facilities and Japanese restaurants. Additionally, Western and Japanese-style rooms are available. The wide space you’ll get in the room is more than what you’d expect from a regular business hotel. Each air-conditioned room has a wooden writing desk, an electric kettle, a fridge. Not to mention, you'll have a personal bathroom which comes with toiletries.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Inuyama Miyako Hotel (犬山ミヤコホテル)
  • Street address: 35 Higashiyozaka Inuyama, Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture 484-0081, Japan
  • Access: An 8-minute walk from Meitetsu Inuyama-yuen Station.