300 Yen Superb view. An unstoppable romantic overlooking at the castle of light with a can of coffee in one hand at Yokkaichi

It is an inorganic and artificial factory zone.

When you look closely, it is overwhelmed by the feeling of huge pipes, tank and metallic.

And as the sun goes down, they change to a fantasy zone that makes you feel the near future.

Full moon eve which ran out searching for burst scenery

This is Yokkaichi Complex, also known as the sacred site for factory night view.

A lot of cars urge to this spot on the night of full moon eve.

A beautiful artificial shooting spot can be found on the generous map on the Internet, but somehow I wanted to find the scenery that is “here!” with my own eyes.

But on this day, I could not get the place which strikes me.

It is classic but is a good place not many people know about!! "Umiterasu 14"

"By the way, I have never visited Yokkaichi Port Building's observatory floor."

In my opinion, there are classic spots which are surprisingly not visited, even the port building.

The Yokkaichi Port Building was built to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Yokkaichi Port Opening.

It seems to be the tallest building in Mie prefecture with its height reaching 100m.

Umiterasu 14 observatory deck is located at 14th floor and adult admission fee is 300yen (free of charge for junior high school student and younger).

It was amazing when you entered it with the casual degree of "awe”.

Factory night view of Yokkaichi Complex can be enjoyed in the near view panorama.

Moreover, it is very spacious than you imagine!!

※Only open on weekends and public holiday night

Excellent Point ① Full with special seats

Huh, what is this! It is really awesome!!

Let us introduce the point according to its excitement level.

First of all, a romantic two-shot counter at the window.

Roundtable is also set up; anyway this is a special seat too.

As there is a vending machine at the drink space, you can enjoy the high-rise Building location with a 120-yen canned coffee on one hand.

By the way, the binoculars which are set on four sides are free.

Excellent Point ② You can borrow blackouts

At the reception, you can borrow a blackout for free for night view photography, and there is plenty of space which is suitable for tripod.


Wearing a dark curtain from the head, the scenery of people holding the camera like Bazooka strangely lined up is a little funny.

They will have information exchange and technical advice with those people beside them.

For some reason, a doll is hanging at the window. There was a sense of discomfort.

Excellent point ③ it’s formidable at models and games

There are 4 themed booths at the hall; history of the port, its role, work and familiarity.

From the end of the Edo period to the beginning of the Meiji Era, the history and industries of Yokkaichi Port, which prospered as the largest commercial port in Ise Bay, are written for children easy to understand, so adults should be able to understand too.

You will be crazy over the ship models and games.

Excellent Point ④ Fireworks in front of you!!

The fireworks of Nagashima Onsen which is held during summer weekend can be seen in front of you.

It is highly recommended because you can enjoy both night view and fireworks from a cooling environment (from 8pm every day which last about 30min)

When I was there, the excitement from customer increased when the fireworks began suddenly, and I witnessed the moment when the distance between couple shrank.


※Schedule of fireworks can refer to Nagashima Resort website

Excellent Point ⑤ Really fall in love 10 minutes before

There are valuable 10 minutes to be further immersed in the bright sparkling night view.

That is 10 minute before closing of the night opening day.

The large-scale light castle emerges more when the interior lights are down.

"It's almost like a jewelry box of light!" The overwhelming beauty which makes you want to shout inadvertently.

It is just like you will die of heart pounding at Yokkaichi complex.

420 Yen… Nope, it’s priceless

It was a casual visit to port building, but it is a lovely place which somehow will be fascinated to the fullest.

The admission fee is 300yen and a can of coffee is 120yen. Additional, the excitement is priceless.


Factory night view map is posted on Yokkaichi Tourism Association website.

It is recommended as it is very easy to understand ↓ ↓

Yokkaichi factory night view map

Photo by y_imura

Yokkaichi Port Port Building "Umiterasu 14"

  • Address: 1-1, 2-Chome Kasumi, Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture.
  • Telephone: 059-366-7022
  • Opening Hours: 10:00~17:00/Weekend & Public Holiday ~21:00
  • Fixed Holiday:
    • Wednesday
    • Only opened on Public Holiday: 29th December~3th January
  • Admission Fee:
    • High School Student or above: 300 Yen
    • Secondary School Student or below: Free


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