"Yakitori" is a Japanese cuisine which chicken is cut into bite-size, seasoned with sauce or salt, subsequently skewered and grilled on the charcoal fire. It is known as a very popular menu at most Izakaya bars and Yakitori Specialty restaurant because it is delicious and goes well with beer. The most popular menu of Yakitori are Momo (thigh meat), Negima (chicken and scallion), Tsukune (chicken meatball), but actually, there are other special yakitori such as gizzard, heart, and stomach. Today, we are going to introduce you the menu which you can only find in Japanese Yakitori restaurants! Please try to challenge these menus if you have the opportunity.

The crispy texture of chicken heart, "Yakitori Hatsu"

“Hatsu”, the heart part of chicken which is crispy and has the chewy texture when bite. Yakitori Hatsu is a precious item since there is only one heart in each chicken, therefore only 1 skewer can be prepared from 2 or 3 chicken. Both salt and sauce can be used for seasoning.

"Yakitori Kawa" which skewered crispy chicken skin of the chicken breast, chicken neck, and chicken thigh.

“Kawa”, the menu which chicken skin is skewered with a stick and grilled on the charcoal fire to crispy cooked form. Chicken skin of the chicken neck is often used for this menu since the skin is thicker than other parts and is tasty. You might request to remove the fat of chicken skin if you don’t like it. 

"Yakitori Sunagimo", Chewy and crispy chicken stomach part

A yakitori menu which uses part of the chicken's digestive tract known as gizzard. Chicken gizzard might have some peculiar taste for some people. However, people who don’t like intestine may be able to accept this part. The characteristic of this part is its crispy texture. Besides eating Yakitori Sunagimo with salt as seasoning, it is also recommended to eat with wasabi.

“Yakitori Bonjiri”, the coccyx part of chicken which comes with juicy and chewy texture.

“Yakitori Bonjiri”, the yakitori which use the coccyx part of chicken. “Bonjiri” is a precious part of chicken because only a little portion can be taken from a chicken. The fat content is also high at “Bonjiri”, and it is called “Chicken Toro” (toro=fatty cut of tuna). Since it is a precious part of a chicken, it is difficult yo find it at the supermarket or Izakaya.