What are these Buttons? Japanese Toilet and Washlet

Coming to Japan, you will find plenty of things that are quite different from your home countries. One of the most surprising things that you would find in Japan might be the toilet. A lot of the toilet seats are electric and automatic as they are equipped with a lot of functions. Sometimes, there are so many buttons that you can’t find how to flush the toilet! In the following, I will tell you what those buttons are for in the toilet are.

The Big, or the Small?

What are these Buttons? Japanese Toilet and Washlet
What are these Buttons? Japanese Toilet and Washlet

This is an example of a toilet at home. As you can see, there is a control panel on the wall, and that is the remote control for the toilet. The flushing button is behind the toilet; if you push it upward, it will flush with more water. On the other hand, if you push it down, it will flush with less water. Sometimes, the flushing button will be on the control panel, just look for “大” if you need a larger flush or “小” for a smaller flush. After you flush the toilet, it will refill the water from the faucet, so you can wash your hands there while saving water.

First, Know the Different between “Bidet” and “Bottom”

This is the remote control of the Washlet. If you find a newer toilet seat, you might find that there are more options and buttons. On this panel, there are the basic buttons on an electric toilet. “ビデ” is simply a bidet, and this function is mostly for female users. Pressing this button again allows you to switch to wide-mode or power-mode. “おしり” is the cleaning function for your bottom. You can also switch it to wide-mode by pressing the button again.

Then, Adjust the Strength to your Preference

On the right, you can see the control that has “洗浄強さ” written on it. You can adjust the strength of the water that comes from “ビデ” or ”おしり” with it.

Adjust the Position for the Best Performance

On the second row, you can see a square button, that is the power button. On the left, “洗浄位置” means washing position. If you press “前” the water sprayer will move forward, and if you press “後” it will move backward.

Massage is Available Too

On its left “マッサージ” is the massage button, if you press it, the sprayer will move back and forth. On the left, “ターボ消臭”, is a button that turns on the turbo deodorizer.

Temperature Setting and Maintenance

On the third row, the most right button, “便座温度”, allows you to adjust the temperature of the seat. When it comes to winter, having a warm toilet seat is just amazing. On its left, “温水温度”, allows you to adjust the temperature of the water. And you can see your setting on the display. On the left, there are two buttons, “節電” is eco-mode, and “ノズルそうじ” is a button that let you clean the water sprayer.

Public Toilets in Japan

What are these Buttons? Japanese Toilet and Washlet
What are these Buttons? Japanese Toilet and Washlet

One point that most of you will encounter throughout your trip is probably a public toilet. In order to cater to the needs of foreign tourists, more and more toilets offer guides in different languages!

Just from a toilet, you can see how Japanese people are delicate towards their lifestyle and products. If you come to Japan, you have to try using an electric toilet seat. It will change your life!