Oirase Stream - One of the Most Beautiful Rivers in Aomori!

Oirase Stream, One of the most beautiful rivers in Aomori!

You may not believe it but yes, Oirase stream possesses such divine beauty that you must come and see with your own eyes. Japanese visitors may prefer to drop in during the fall where the seasonal change is more pronounced, but the natural beauty of the Oirase Stream is prevalent all year round.

About the Oirase Stream

Oirase Stream is located in Aomori Prefecture, which is in the Northern part of Japan. The 14.2 kilometer-long stream is the only river that drains the Towada Lake

The Natural View throughout Four Seasons

Oirase Stream, One of the most beautiful rivers in Aomori!

The stunning natural view of the Oirase Stream is shown in different colors throughout four seasons. It is mostly known for its autumn leaves so the best season to visit is in autumn, from early October to early November. The river, waterfalls, and rocks colored by red and yellow leaves are such an amazing natural sight that you may even be surprised.

To Enjoy the River View

The Oirase flow of the river is sometimes swift and sometimes slow, depending on the width of the river section. There are also a lot of waterfalls. The varieties and the changes of scenery are the reasons why people enjoy this stream so much.

The Adventurous Trail along the Oirase Stream

Oirase Stream, One of the most beautiful rivers in Aomori!

If you want to walk along the river entirely, it will take around 5 to 6 hours. For a shorter highlight route, Ishigedo through Nenokuchi is about 2.5 hours for 9 kilometers. You can discover the surrounding nature by yourself or join the guided tour. Also, you can take the bus which takes you to the famous spots along the Oirase Stream.

Recommended Hotel near Oirase Stream

Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel

Oirase Stream, One of the most beautiful rivers in Aomori!

The Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel is located nearby the Oirase Stream. Despite its expensive fee, the hotel offers its customers an amazing experience. The price of staying for 1 night per person is around 23,000 yen (dinner and breakfast included).

The food there is delicious! The restaurant within the hotel is called “Aomori Ringo (Apple) Kitchen”. In Aomori, the apple is representative and iconic. Their apple juice and apple pies are very tasty as well. The breakfast and dinner buffet is included during the sojourn.

The hotel offers a lot of activities too. You can simply take a hotel bus to go around Oirase Stream or experience a wide range of other activities including fishing, exploring, yoga, and much more. There are even lectures about the history of apples and the river.

Access to Oirase Stream

If you want to get to the Oirase Stream from Tokyo, you can first take the bullet train to either Hachinohe or Shin-Aomori Station, from where you can then take a bus to Yakiyama. You can also use the free shuttle service provided by the hotel. It may take around five hours for you to get to the stream, but its remote location also implies that you can enjoy peace and silence to your fullest satisfaction.


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