10 best yokocho alleys for eating and drinking in Japan! Hakodate in Hokkaido is Ranked 2nd, but What's 1st?

The travel information magazine 'Jalan' published by Recruit Co., Ltd. conducted a survey on "yokocho alleys"  where you can enjoy food and bar hopping. Here are the results.

Jalan's Ranking of Yokocho Alleys to Enjoy While Traveling

1Okage Yokocho
Mie Prefecture
2Daimon Yokocho Hakodate Hikari no Yatai
3Yasuragi Yu no Tsubo Yokocho
Oita Prefecture
4Tenmonkan Kagoshima Yokocho
Kagoshima Prefecture
5Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho
Osaka Prefecture
6Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho
7Hachinohe Tatei Village Miroku Yokocho
Aomori Prefecture
7Dekonaru Yokocho
Gifu Prefecture
9Aoba Yokocho
Shizuoka Prefecture
10Hozenji Yokocho
Osaka Prefecture

Japan's yokocho, which still retain a retro Showa-era atmosphere, offer not only a sense of the local history and culture but also a collection of delicious eateries perfect for food hopping. With this in mind, we conducted a survey on the theme of "yokocho to enjoy while traveling. The 1st place "yokocho to enjoy while traveling" is "Okage Yokocho" in Mie Prefecture. Located in front of the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu, it is filled with shops where you can enjoy local gourmet food and buy Ise souvenirs. The 2nd place is "Daimon Yokocho Hakodate Hikari no Yatai" in Hokkaido. It is a spot that many locals visit because it is conveniently located in front of Hakodate Station and has a variety of genres of shops. The 3rd Place " Yasuragi Yu no Tsubo Yokocho" in Oita Prefecture is located in Yufuin Onsen, it features 12 compact yet diverse shops centered around local gourmet specialties.

In addition to yokocho where you can enjoy food hopping, the top 10 includes various yokocho perfect for bar hopping. Not only can you savor the local cuisine unique to each area, but you can also immerse yourself in a nostalgic atmosphere. Why not use the ranking results as a guide to explore yokocho on your next trip? You might discover new attractions and experiences.

Introducing the top 10 in the "Jalan" alleyway ranking you want to enjoy on your trip

1st place: Okage Yokocho [Mie Prefecture]

Okage Yokocho [Mie Prefecture]
Source: Jalan Alleyway Ranking You Want to Enjoy on Your Trip

Located in the heart of the Monzenmachi area in front of the Inner Shrine of Ise Jingu, Okage Yokocho features buildings relocated and reconstructed from the Ise Road during the Edo to Meiji periods, creating a scenery that feels like a time slip back to the Edo era. Within the approximately 4,000 tsubo (about 13,200 square meters) area, there are around 50 shops where you can enjoy exquisite gourmet food and shopping unique to Ise-Shima.

2nd place: Daimon Yokocho Hakodate Hikari no Yatai【Hokkaido

Hakodate Hikari's food stall Daimon Yokocho【Hokkaido】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Yokocho to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

Located just a 5-minute walk from JR Hakodate Station, this yatai village features 26 stalls. Celebrating its 19th anniversary in the fall of 2024, it is bustling with locals and tourists alike every day. You can enjoy a variety of gourmet experiences, including a specialty shop for Hokkaido's famous Jingisukan, a place serving Zangi made with Shiretoko chicken, as well as a range of eateries from Japanese-style pubs to Italian and French restaurants.

3rd Place: Yasuragi Yu no Tsubo Yokocho【Oita Prefecture】

Yasuragi-yu Tsubo Yokocho【Oita Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Yokocho to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

It is a spot full of retro charm located in Yufuin Onsen. The local gourmet options are abundant, including "Purin Dora," which is a whole custard pudding sandwiched in a dorayaki, tofu-based karinto, and stick tempura. Additionally, there are 12 diverse shops offering traditional crafts such as glassware and pottery, as well as a fish spa using "Doctor Fish."

4th place: Tenmonkan Kagoshima Yokocho【Kagoshima Prefecture】

Tenmonkan Kagoshima Yokocho【Kagoshima Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Enjoyable Alley Ranking at Travel Destinations

Located right next to Tenmonkan Park, this Yokocho (alleyway) was renewed in 2021 with the aim of becoming a beloved spot for locals. The alleyway features seven carefully selected and evolving eateries. Among them, you can enjoy BBQ-style Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu beef, savor the sweet and thick original brand oysters “Masegaki,” and taste the umami-rich "Kuro Satsuma Chicken" grilled over charcoal at a yakitori restaurant.

5th place: Naniwa Kuishinbo Yokocho【Osaka Prefecture】

Naniwa Kui Shinbo Alley【Osaka Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Alleys to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

This Yokocho captures the theme of "Osaka at its most vibrant, right before the 1970 World Expo." It faithfully recreates the streets of Osaka from that era. It's a food-themed park with about 15 stalls featuring "Naniwa Gourmet," representative of Kansai cuisine, such as "Kasu Udon" topped with crispy fried beef tripe, okonomiyaki, and Ikayaki (grilled squid).

6th place: Shinjuku West Exit Omoide Yokocho【Tokyo

Shinjuku West Exit Memory Lane【Tokyo】
Source: Jalan Ranking of alleyways you want to enjoy at your travel destination

Rooted in the post-war era's open-air merchant markets that emerged from the ashes, this Yokocho offers a nostalgic scene that draws visitors. About 80 stores, including ticket shops, gather on a site of about 630 tsubo, and small eateries with counters line the narrow alleys, filling the air with a savory smell. You can enjoy bar hopping while savoring the good old Showa atmosphere.

7th place: Hachinohe Tatei Village Miroku Yokocho【Aomori Prefecture】

Hachinohe Yatai Village Miroku Yokocho【Aomori Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Yokocho to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

This Yokocho was established to revitalize the area around Hachinohe Station with the opening of the Tohoku Shinkansen in 2002. It underwent a renewal in April 2024 and now boasts 26 diverse stores along an 80-meter alley. You can enjoy local cuisine such as seafood, Aomori garlic bar, Western food restaurants, wine stalls, Hachinohe-like squid, Hachinohe Maeoki mackerel, Donko dishes, and "Senbei soup" known as local B-class gourmet.

7th place: Dekonaru Yokocho【Gifu Prefecture】

Dekonaru Alley【Gifu Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Alleys to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

A popular night spot in Takayama, where you can enjoy local gourmet dishes at reasonable prices. The area also features shooting galleries and other attractions. The name “Dekonaru” comes from Takayama’s dialect, meaning “to grow big.” It was named with the hope that visitors' dreams will come true in a big way. There are 19 diverse establishments, ranging from a yakiniku restaurant serving Gifu Prefecture’s branded Hida Beef, and a Takayama ramen shop, to authentic Italian, sushi, and Chinese restaurants.

9th place: Aoba Yokocho【Shizuoka Prefecture】

Aoba Yokocho【Shizuoka Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Yokocho to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

This “Oden Street” exudes the nostalgic air of the Showa era and features 18 stores lined up, specializing in Shizuoka oden. Shizuoka oden is known for its rich, dark broth, which is continuously simmered and topped up daily. The broth absorbs the delicious flavors of various ingredients like fish cakes made from sardine paste, beef tendons, and kelp. Each store offers a unique taste, making it a great experience to try and compare different flavors.

10th Place: Hozenji Yokocho【Osaka Prefecture】

Hozenji Yokocho【Osaka Prefecture】
Source: Jalan Ranking of Yokocho to Enjoy at Travel Destinations

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Survey Overview

  • Survey Method: Internet Survey
  • Survey Target: Residents of all 47 prefectures in Japan, aged 20-50
  • Valid Responses: 1,034 respondents
  • Survey Period: March 19, 2024 (Tue) - March 21, 2024 (Thu)
  • Survey Agency: INTAGE (Survey Principal: Recruit)


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